A memory of Kuala Terengganu

Both of my parents are from Kuala Terengganu and studied in Sultan Sulaiman Primary and Secondary School (refer to The Sulaimanians). And I’m proud to say that my father was once the head boy of Sultan Sulaiman Secondary School.

Anyway, I was born and grew up in Kuala Lumpur; hence I am not that familiar with Terengganu or Trengganuspeak (refer to ‘Solo Bolo’, Trengganuspeak and ‘Trengganuspeak 2‘). Nevertheless I do love Terengganu very much. Among my favourite places in Kuala Terengganu is my grandparents’ house. I’ll always remember the big smile on Atuk’s(my grandfather) face the moment we reached there. I love them very much. There are so many things to do over there- huge area to play and run around plus the endless dishes and kuih (sweet cakes) that can’t be found in Kuala Lumpur. My sisters and I would sleep in their room and spent our time talking and sharing stories.

The next place in my list would be my grandmother’s bookshop- Alam Akademik or Keda Pok Loh Yunang (as Uncle Awang Goneng remembered it! – Growing Up in Trengganu page 73). My siblings and I love books and we would be spending long hours at the bookshop. The best part is nenek (grandma) would give us lots and lots of books to take home to Kuala Lumpur!

Great Grandpa with Uncle Awang Goneng during GUiT launch Dec 2007 at Alam Akademik

Another favourite place of mine is my great grandfather’s house [a son of Abdullah Al-Yunani]. I always called his house ‘library’ for he has a huge collections of Reader Digest’s books. He always remember the type of books that I like and would excitedly picked the ones that I have not read (especially the new tittles). Great grand dad even gave me some books from his collections (which I know he loves so much) – knowing that I really would love to have them.

Sunrise at Batu Buruk beach, Kuala Terengganu - Dec 2006

And of course I love going to the beach. Dad would wake us up very early in the morning to watch the sun rise at Pantai Batu Buruk (the nearest beach). We would build sand castles, gather lots and lots of seashells, fly our kites or play with frees be. In the afternoon we can buy khepok leko, ikang celuk ttepong and a lot more.

At Batu Buruk beach Dec 2006

Dad like to take us around Kuala Terengganu . We visited his schools, Pulau Duyong, places where they make kerepok leko etc. Once dad took us on a boat ride along the scenic Terengganu River and on our last trip we drove around places mentioned in GUiT including Uncle Awang Goneng’s house in Tanjung (close to Atuk’s kitab shop-Jendela Ilmu).

My other fond memories of Terengganu is of course the food. Buah Khadeh (so far I still can’t pronounce it right), khepok leko, akok, rojok betik and a lot more that I don’t even know what their names are. Unfortunately mum says that rare fruits like buoh ppisang (not pisang or banana) are not easily found. I really wish that I can taste those fruits one day. Thank you Uncle Awang Goneng for telling the stories of rare fruits and old kuih of old Trengganu, the history and my roots, and thank you for teaching me Trengganuspeak. But so far I still cant speak ‘in Trengganuspeak’ and having a hard time trying to understand them!


14 thoughts on “A memory of Kuala Terengganu

  1. sukakan terengganu?expecially the beach.i love it so much.why i love the beach?coz im terengganuease.our heart should close to it.

  2. terengganu,,,,,,,
    batu buruk(hangout’s place)………..
    can’t separate……
    i’m proud to be terengganuvian(although studying outside of terengganu since form 1 until now)…
    too much modernisation can driving away the heritage of terengganu..so,stop too much development..

  3. Dear akokBelauk,

    I agree… Development should be well planned – failed to do so we’ll lost our heritage and spoil the environment beauty of our beloved Terengganu.

  4. try this.wake up in the morning.after solat subuh,make a cup of coffea and drink it at the beach and memorizing about our forefather history…our soul should not be separate from sea…

  5. Dear Beach Boys,

    Whenever we go back to Kuala Terengganu, we always try to catch the sunrise at Pantai Batu Buruk it is very beautiful. But I’ve never tried drinking coffee at the beach yet. We would then play at the beach, making sandcastles and watching fishing boats.

  6. assalamualaikum..
    well i’m a pure terengganu but sometimes i still cannot understand some terengganu words..
    i think i want to learn more about terengganu word…

  7. Dear Khadijah,
    So am I. I started to learn Trengganuspeak late last year after reading ‘Growing Up in Trengganu’ by Awang Goneng.
    It is hard to master Trengganuspeak since we don’t really use Trengganuspeak in our everyday conversation.

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  11. Hello u seem to know so much about my grandfather abdullah alyunani ( you are his great great grandchild?). The pic you have here is my late uncle Yaacob. I am the daughter of Mustaffa bin Abdullah Alyunani ( siblings of the late uncle yaacob). May i know how we are related? rosniahukm@gmail.com

  12. Assalamu Alaikum, Prof,

    (how should I address Prof? I believe Prof is my nenek sepupu?)

    I am the eldest granddaughter of Tek Zaiton Binti Yaacob, the second daughter of Yaacob Alyunani. My mother says that Prof must be a younger sister of Nek Ani (Rokiah Aini).

  13. Ah yes…yes..asok (your father-my uncle) has got 2 daughters besides rokiah aini…yes i remember your mom…but havent met her for a long time.. how old are you? Could u reply via my email cos i dont have wordpress. Not that computer savvy. Call me tok nayah ..nek nayah ..😃

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