Ahmad Ali’s 9th Birthday

For 8 years, every 13th February, my family would celebrate the birthday of my little brother, Ahmad Ali. However, this year we celebrated it the day before since my father went out of town on his birthday. As Ali did not expect the early celebration, it was a delightful surprise for him (although to be honest, I almost ruined the surprise which my sister Aeshah had carefully planned).

After having pizza for dinner (which is part of the surprise), we called him to the living room where he was really excited to see the table topped with presents of all shapes. It was fun to see him reading the cards and guessing what the gifts were and whom they were from. Aeshah and I stuffed some of our gifts in crumpled newspapers before wrapping them, which made guessing the gifts even trickier. Since he really love stamp collecting, his favourite present were the special two old British stamps that my mother gave him, a ‘Penny Red’ ( which has the same design as the ‘Penny Black’ ) and a ‘Seahorse’ stamp (it’s actual name is ‘Britannia Rule the Waves’ but it is better known among the collectors as a ‘Seahorse’ stamp).

I gave him a green whiteboard marker (since he loves to write on our whiteboard and all of our markers are almost out of ink), a toy train ‘Wilson’ from the TV series ‘Chuggington’ and a Winnie The Pooh folder. I intended to give him some lovely stamps but unfortunately due to my careless nature, I misplaced them somewhere in the house.

We also had another small celebration on his birthday and I made ‘dadih’ (which is something like a pudding) instead of a cake. It was fun to set the dadih and arrange them in plates and Ali was taken by surprise because he didn’t think there would be another celebration on the actual day itself. He exclaimed that his 9th birthday is his best birthday ever; but he said that on his 8th birthday and his 7th too 😀

By the way, you can see some of the gifts at his blog here: My 9th Birthday