PAS: Perception and Manipulation

Perception and manipulation are the skills which leaders of Pakatan Rakyat have long mastered – including to the tok gurus of PAS.

To a newbie in the political platform, PAS may appear to be an innocent Islamic party with adaptable policies to the suit the tastes of their supporters; a rather radical Islamic party to those who want them to be radical and a liberal party to the others.

Those people feel that PAS brings new hope to the corrupted and secular Malaysia. PAS leaders promise a shift into a better Malaysia where Islam shall be implemented into laws and such. Among efforts done to prove their worth, they produce ‘instant ustazahs’ like Abby Abadi, once an actress who was said to suddenly ‘abandoned her fortune’ for a more ‘Islamic way of life’. Her ‘rebranding’ comes hand in hand with a new image; all done to convince people that ‘they can make a change’.

This way, PAS is able to attract those who are naive enough to believe in perception or those who ‘go with the flow’ of the society. They may see PAS as an ideal Islamic Reformist promising them a better nation. The majority of people in this group are the young generations, a lot of them are educated and with their thirst for excitement of some sort, feel that they are smarter than others especially those who do not share their ideologies. The idea of a mass wave of change is enticing to the rebellious blood of the youngsters.

Now that they gain supporters, how do PAS make sure that these people would stay in their grasp?

PAS claims Malaysia to be a secular state and needs to be reformed into an Islamic nation to the some groups but on the other hand only promise a ‘negara berkebajikan’ to the others who oppose the idea of an Islamic state.  They claim that Malaysia is corrupted country. PAS also imply that Malaysia is too westernised to some groups and to the rest they say that the government is sort of too radical in protecting the Malay rights and Islam which is the religion of Malaysia.

The idea spread by the PAS leaders (and the rest in Pakatan Rakyat) is that the leaders of UMNO and Barisan Nasional are too corrupted and selfish. They are so money and power orientated that they would do anything to keep in their power and ruin the country by over spending and implementing bad policies.

And that is why PAS’s supporters felt that they need PAS to govern the nation. PAS tells their supporters never to believe in the obvious but to turn to them in advice. PAS sells the party’s own newspapers that was said to be ‘nothing but the truth’ to counter the ‘lies spread by the government’ in other newspapers. PAS’s supporters feel that the government underestimated them, but they know better. It produces that disgusted feeling of, ‘How dare they think such of me!” which is very influential to youngsters who tend to act first and think later. This planted hatred in the hearts of their supporters and in turn whisper false hopes into their angry souls. Hope for the better; hope for a change, “All you have to do is to join us in our mission and you shall be granted a place in heaven. It shall be a Jihad.”

And unbeknownst to them, they all had been manipulated by the PAS leaders, turning them from innocent supporters to obsessed questers who do not really understand what they are fighting for.

It sounds silly, doesn’t it? Crazy even. “Too crazy to be true – you must be kidding me.”

And that my friends, is the seal that shuts the eyes of their obsessed supporters from any shred of revelation of the truth coming from the outside their circle.


PAS Membela Alvin Tan

Ingin tahu apa respons pemimpin PAS terhadap kes pasangan Alvin Tan dan Vivian Lee yang mempersendakan Islam dan bulan Ramadhan?

Mohamed Hanipa Maidin meminta umat Islam memberikan peluang kepada pasangan lucah Alvin Tan dan Vivian Lee untuk menebus kesalahan mereka kerana melakukan provokasi terhadap penganut agama terbesar di negara ini.

Ahli Parlimen Sepang dari PAS itu juga mahu umat Islam bertindak waras dalam memberikan respon terhadap provokasi seumpama ini dan belajar untuk memberikan kemaafan.

“Islam, saya yakin, juga agama rahmah. Di dalam al-Quran juga Allah menyatakan bahawa Allah menulis untuk diriNya rahmah (belas ikhsan),” katanya yang juga Ahli Jawatankuasa PAS kepada The Malaysian Insider.<

“Maka saya berpendapat tidak salah bagi umat Islam untuk menerima kemaafan pasangan itu dan memberi mereka peluang untuk tidak lagi mengulangi perbuatan biadap mereka itu,” katanya. ……….

……. Beliau percaya mereka sudah cukup terseksa dengan luahan kemarahan umat Islam di negara ini. Itu sudah cukup, baginya menjadi hukuman perit ke atas mereka.

“Saya rasa ugutan bunuh ke atas mereka, jika benar berlaku, bukan anjuran Islam.

“Namun saya rasa tidak perlu mereka didakwa di bawah Akta Hasutan kerana Akta itu sendiri sudah banyak menzalimi rakyat negara ini,” katanya.

Jika mereka didakwa di bawah Akta Hasutan kerana menghina Islam tidakkah pasangan remaja ini juga akan merasa bahawa ada diskriminasi dan ketidakadilan ke atas mereka, soalnya.

Ini kerana orang Islam yang ingin bakar Bible dan menghina anutan orang Hindu tidak didakwa sehingga kini.

“Adakah ini keadilan? Tidak malukah kita kepada orang bukan Islam apabila kita sendiri gagal bersikap adil?

Kenyataan ini bukan datangnya dari pemimpin DAP tapi dari parti yang mendakwa membela Islam. Mohamed Hanipa Maidin berpendapat, pasangan itu “cukup terseksa”, maka umat Islam patut memaafkan pasangan itu dan berikan mereka peluang. Inikah pendirian seorang pemimpin parti Islam? Adakah pemimpin PAS ini sudah terlalu liberal hingga sanggup merpertahankan pasangan yang jijik ini atau apakah beliau baru sampai dari bulan dan belum tahu latar belakang pasangan ini? Lebih menarik, Mohamed Hanipa Maidin berpendapat bahawa inilah cara keadilan dalam Islam. 

Agaknya inilah buktinya pemimpin PAS itu mendakwa pasangan ini “cukup terseksa” hingga patut dimaafkan oleh umat Islam?

Quoted from The Huffington Post:

The couple next tweeted defiantly on Saturday, “You may shut us down now but we will be back and be stronger and better than ever. Enjoy your Ramadan for now.”

Oops… Tweet ini bukannya disiarkan oleh Harakah atau Malaysia Kini. Maafkan saya, saya terlupa bahawa kebanyakan ahli PAS tidak membaca akhbar lain selain daripada Harakah dan akhbar-akhbar pro-pembangkang. Jadi mungkin mereka tidak tahu mengenai pekara ini.


Dalam mempertahankan pasangan yang amat lantang menghina Islam ini, Mohamed Hanipa Maidin telah mengguris perasaan ramai umat Islam seperti saya yang amat sayangkan agama Islam. Inikah pendirian pemimpin-pemimpin Islam PAS? Dimanakah maruah pemimpin PAS ini sehingga sanggup meremehkan soal kemuliaan agama Islam dan merendahkan maruah umat Islam lain demi membela orang-orang yang menghina Islam?


alvin“Tidak malukah kita kepada orang bukan Islam apabila kita sendiri gagal bersikap adil?” Adakah ini contoh keadilan versi PAS? 

Mereka memang sudah terlalu keliru….

Is The Star The Window To MCA’s Heart?

If it is indeed, the baffling reportings of The Star is getting a bizarre turn!

Recently,Dr. MiM and Helen Ang wrote on their blogs that the MCA’s newspaper, The Star, wrote a news coverage on our DYMM Agong on a small column of page 12, beneath a story of Lim Guan Eng. Is the newspaper prioritising the Penang Chief Minister over the supreme ruler of Malaysia?

page12agongstar (1)

Does it signifies how unimportant and insignificant the Agong is to The Star?

Cases like these are not uncommon throughout The Star’s reportings in the recent years. The Star had often showed their apparent hatred towards the ruling political coalition and the monarchical institution despite the fact that they are owned by MCA, the second largest group in the Barisan Nasional. They had even once admitted that they were giving DAP the ‘VIP treatment’ which includes discounts on advertisements as well as shorter submission minimum time limit.


And just a few days ago, The Star welcomed a new columnist, Fahmi Fadzil, to their crew… and he just happens to be Nurul Izzah’s political secretary (and by the way, The Star claims that Nurul Izzah is the 5th most influential women in the country). Please see: Apart from being the Lembah Pantai MP, she is also the vice president of PKR and the daughter of PKR’s de facto leader, Anwar Ibrahim.

To be honest, I truly believe that Helen Ang is a more eligible writer to fit the role and I’m sure many would agree with me (except maybe MalaysiaKini) .

What is it about him that The Star finds appealing? Is it really because of his pure writing talents or is there more it behind it all? Can we still (if we ever had) trust The Star to be publish a fair coverage to the public? And how is MCA reacting to all these?

(please see also: Is MCA becoming the Malaysian Christian Association?)