‘Museng Demang’ (The Fever Season)

I was not feeling well yesterday. I had a sore throat and a fever. Even my little sister Anisah, my little brother Ahmad Ali and mum was not feeling well too. It started by Anisah who had a fever a few days ago.

Next was Ahmad Ali. He woke up the next morning with a swollen face. His eyes were badly swollen that he almost could not open his eyes. I went to him and I was struck with horror when I saw his face. He asked me why I was so shocked to see him. I then told him to look at the mirror. He was so shocked at what he saw that he nearly cried. He kept asking dad to send him to the doctor as he did not like the way he looked in the mirror.

Dad took him to Al-Islam Specialist Hospital or previously known as Kampung Baru Medical Center to see our Pediatric, Dr. Khairul Azman. Dr Khairul did some tests to make sure that it was only an allergy reaction that cause his face to be swollen. My little brother was so relieved when Dr Khairul ensured him that nothing was serious and he would get better soon.  Today, he looks perfectly like the old Ahmad Ali again, and how happy he was to look ‘normal’ again.  Anyway both Anisah and Ahmad Ali were still not feeling very well. They both felt better in the morning, jumping and playing together – and their temperature would rise up later in the day and ended up with mum staying awake for the last few nights taking care of the both of them during the nights. It seems to be very hard for young kids to stay in bed and rest.

Mum started a slight fever the day before yesterday. Next it was me, but I am feeling much better now. My Nenek said that it must be “museng demang’ (in Trengganuspeak) or the fever season . In  Terengganu we have “museng demang’ during the fruit seasons and also during the current weather when it rains at one moment before the sun shines brightly at another and all the sudden  it starts to rain again.   Any way Alhamdulillah, for my little sister, Aeshah and my dad are in good health.


My memories of Jiddah

Jiddah was my paternal grandmother. She had a major stroke on Wednesday November 12, 2008 and passed away 3 days later. She was such a loving and beautiful lady  whom was loved by most people who knew her.

I have lots of warm memories of the times shared with Jiddah. I can still remember the time when Jiddah playfully chased me on a ‘toy train’ at the Mines Wonderland. I was only about three years old at the time and I was screaming for the train to go faster for I feared that Jiddah could run faster than the train that I rode on. My mum’s family was also with us on that day.  We also went on a boat ride down the lake. We even visited the National Zoo but I wonder if either Jiddah or Nenek saw much of the animals at the zoo as they were too  busy talking to each other. They were such close friends and always shared never ending stories whenever they met.

We often took Jiddah out whenever she came to Kuala Lumpur or when we were back in Kuala Terengganu. Jiddah enjoyed eating out, visiting friends and relatives and also shopping. Last 2 months during the last week of  Ramadhan, we spent a lot of our time in Kuala Terengganu with Jiddah. We broke our fast together at Nenek’s house everyday until the last 2 days of Ramadhan when we broke our fast at Jiddah’s house instead after Jiddah’s other children were back from Kuala Lumpur. As usual, we were the first to be back in Kuala Terengganu for Eid and the last to travel back to Kuala Lumpur.

On the first day of Eid  Jiddah would give presents to everybody in our family. Jiddah told mum that she had something very special for me and my sisters. It was indeed a very special gifts for the 3 of us. We each got a very beautiful bracelet and what is even more special about the bracelets are that they are the last gifts from Jiddah.

During the Eid celebration we took Jiddah out to visit our relatives and friends. We  also took Jiddah out for lunch on most of the days and I still remember how she enjoyed the food we ate at Kedai Lempeng in Rusila. She really ate a lot that day and that was one of the last meals I shared with Jiddah.  And on the night before we traveled  back to Kuala Lumpur, she cooked us a delicious ikang singgang that we all ate at Nenek’s house.

I do miss Jiddah very much. However, I am glad that we had  shared lots of wonderful times together. I am sad that I did not have the chance to get to know Jaddi (my paternal grandfather). Jaddi passed away when I was just about one year old. Even though I spent a lot of time with him during the last few days of his life during which he was admitted at the Ampang Putri Specialist Hospital, I was too young that I can’t remember anything about it. Jaddi was one of Atuk’s best friend and I’m very glad that my grandparents are such good friends until the end of Jiddah’s and Jaddi’s life.

My Dearest Grandmother Passed Away

Last Wednesday, at about 9:30 pm, my dad was told that his mother collapsed in her house in Kuala Terengganu. At that moment, dad and his big brother Ami Ma was at Pak Cik Amin’s house attending their weekly hadith class.

Dad called his good friend Pak Ghani who immediately rushed from his house in Kuala Ibai to my grandmother’s house in Jalan Pusara. It was Pak Ghani who took my grandmother to the Sultanah Nur Zahirah Hospital in his car.

My grandmother was then admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). We immediately packed our bags and headed for Kuala Terengganu at about 1 a.m. It was raining quite heavily along the way and it took us more than 7 hours to reach Kuala Terengganu.

We visited my grandmother at the hospital everyday. She was in a coma; we read to her the surah Yasin and tried to talked to her. She passed away at 1 p.m. Saturday afternoon. She was in a coma until the end of her life. She was laid to rest at the Tanah Perkuburan Sheikh Ibrahim, Kuala Terengganu after Asar on the same day.


My grandmother was a very wonderful lady and we love her very much. May Allah bless her soul.





I would like to thank Pak Ghani for taking the trouble to send my grandmother to the hospital. May Allah bless him for his generosity.

Budu Explosion

Back in Terengganu Mum often heard stories about ‘budu explosions’, but she has never witnessed one. It has never even crossed her mind that her budu would explode. According to Uncle Azahar, (please refer to my little brother’s blog), the budu exploded because there will be gas production in the budu bottle due to the fermentation process. Too much gas produced will cause a sudden increase intra-container pressure and upon reaching a certain point it pushes the container cover and splosh it went!

So that was the scientific explanation of what had happened to that bottle of budu. And here is the funny story…

Mum was preparing lunch and I was helping her by cleaning the vegetables that was freshly harvested from our organic garden when I saw mum taking a bottle of budu. Mum told me that she would never serve her ‘ikang singgang’ without ‘budu’. I was talking to mum when suddenly she jumped and screamed in surprise; and accidently pushed my cleaned ‘ulam’ (Malaysian salad) back into the sink. It was partly my fault actually; for I was standing too close behind her. I was even more surprised when I saw the budu cap ‘shooting’ down from the ceiling. Everything happened so fast that I could not figured out what had actually happened until I saw tiny spots all around us.

The budu splashed everywhere… on the floor, clean utensils, mugs and plates and the walls. I guess there had never been a mess that bad in our house before. Even mum and I had budu splashes on our clothes and may be even between the strands of our hair. We were cleaning the floor, walls, stove and window when I spotted a big patch of budu on the ceiling. We were wondering how to clean the ceiling when my little brother came running into the kitchen. He suddenly stopped when he saw the big dirty patch and smelt the fishy budu smell. He looked around in surprised. He asked mum what had happened and what was that ‘thing’ doing on the ceiling. We told him what it was and he started asking us so many questions; and at last he said that he would be writing about the ‘explosion’ in his blog. And he did!

My two sisters were surprised when they were greeted by such a smell when they came home from school; and Aeshah said she wished that she could witness the explosion. I am very lucky to witness that ‘budu explosion’, something that rarely happen in our lives except if we keep boxes and boxes of ‘aged’ budu in our kitchen cabinet. It was such a great explosion for a bottle of budu; for the budu could have ‘shot’ up higher if not stopped by the ceiling. What an experience! Though it is not something that I   want to experience twice…

*Note: Please read my little brother, Ahmad Ali’s story about the budu explosion. (Please click here)

Thank You Aunty Siti Zainon

This acknowledgement is specially to thank Aunty Siti Zainon (whom I mentioned about in “What A Busy Week!“) for posting a poem dedicated specially for me on her blog (Seni Rupa Dunia Melayu). I feel honoured when Aunty wrote a beautiful poem just for me.
Wajah tenangmu anakanda
secerah senyum kecilmu
sopan dan malu
gadis bangun oleh kesedaran lipatan sejarah terbuka
wanita mulia lengkap ilmu di dada
cinta pada keluargasejarah dan bangsa.
juga perkasa seperti bait bahasa dunia
terjaga dipupuk kasih sayang
agar lidah tidak terpintal bersilang ilmu
kerana warisan itu adalah sejarah
kita dilahirkan dengan Penentuan-Nya
di Taman Melayu yang indah
menghirup pantai sejarah
langit aneka panca warna
bumi bercakaran ada nikmatnya
menghirup kopi pahit
juga kita segar
walau kerap ditipu oleh pedagang gula
manisnya kata-kata
kadang menggadai maruah bangsa.
Bangun puteriku Aiman
maya ini luas panca duga
bonda iringi doa restu
untuk meneraju
Bangsa dan Negara!
Bonda Siti
Kampong Bandar Dalam
Kuala Lumpur2 November 2008