Halal labeling

Muslims should make sure that they only consume halal food. In Food Facts, I had voiced out my concern regarding the free use of illegal halal labels on food products in Malaysia. The worst is, some of those products are actually questionable in their halal status.

Living in a multiracial country, Muslim consumers must be knowledgeable and well informed on this matter. Since the halal labeling is considered only as a ‘ticket’ for a big and profitable business by some, consumers must be smart as not to fall in their ‘traps’. The government and the islamic authorities must be more serious in handling this matter for halal food is actually a basic need for Muslim.

I guess honesty and responsibility are the keys in solving this problem. If those in halal food business are honest and responsible, we won’t be facing all these problems at all. But since some people are driven only by making money, we as the consumers have to fight for our rights.

I’m happy to say that not everybody are greedy, dishonest and irresponsible. There are people who took pride in being honest even though they are non-muslim. See’s Candies of California (whose candies and chocolates are truly delicious) only took a couple of days to respond to dad’s e-mail regarding the (very) detail of their chocolate making process and the nature the ingredients used. And an owner of a slaughter house in Australia  fired one of his Muslim staff after the guy was caught drunk on his night off. The reason given was – since the company slaughter halal meat, a person who do not follow the true teachings of Islam is no good for the job.

If only everybody are honest and responsible the world will be a better place for all of us; regardless our religions. But since cheating and taking advantages of others are the ways of lives for those who only value power and money – life is hard. Is it really important to have the halal label on food product? I guess the labei is important for Muslim as well as other labeling on food product; as long as halal label means the food is halal for Muslims.


20 thoughts on “Halal labeling

  1. Aiman,
    Food products in Bangkok ( was there for 2 years following my husband who worked with Thai Shell International on a temporary relocation) bear no halal label.However with the generousity and concerned of some thais muslim they instead display the words of Allah and Mohammad on both end of their restaurant and stall in the market.But one would not believe how insensitive they are when just on the next stall is a stall which sell porks and other pork related products!But because we share some of the cooking style and food which use of the same ingredients such as santan,lime juice and lemon grass one would think its home.Will talk about Thailand being the biggest pork eating country.

  2. Dear Aunty Rose,
    I have never been to Bangkok – not a place where dad wants to go. But I remember the problem of searching for halal food in Bali. At least the McDonalds chain in Indonesia was halal (at that time).

  3. unfortunately for some muslims, while they go to great length to make sure the food they consume is halal they make light their source of income.
    halal food from non-halal income….

    BTW do your parents call you ‘wok’? rhymes with oak.

  4. Dear Luckganu

    That’s right halal food should comes from halal income. Indeed halal food might not be so ‘halal’ if it comes from non halal income, isn’t it?

    Wok? It sounds like the wok that we use for frying khepok kkeping. I don’t think that I look like a wok…

  5. Dear Luckganu,

    Sorry for thinking that wok means kuali. Mum told me that wok in Trengganuspeak is actually a ‘loving’ nickname for girls. By the way my parents call me Aiman.

  6. well, i hear people say it’s common among “melayu jawa”. my dear mother is a “jawa” and my dear dad (allahyarham) was a “melayu perak”. my eldest sister nickname is wok and her real name is rohani.

  7. Dear May13,
    That is interesting; I thought the nickname Wok is only used by Terengganu old folks. In fact, I’ve never heard of wok as a nickname before and the only wok that I knew means ‘kuali’-so I misunderstand Luckganu’s wok for ‘ kuali’…

  8. Dear Aiman and Aiman blog’s visitors,

    Philippines is another great pork-eating country. I remember visiting the country a couple of year back and believe me, getting halal food is difficult there.

    Still remember an episode whereby I ordered a bowl of soup. I asked the waitress: “No pork?”

    She answered,” No pork!”

    As I was bringing a spoonful of the soup to my mouth, suddenly, from the corner of my eyes I saw a Filipino sipping similar soup with pork inside.

    I immediately stopped. I went straight into the kitchen. She just scooped out the pork out of my bowl of soup!

    The second episode was when I ordered grilled lapu-lapu (milk fish). Of course it is halal. But my investigative nature brought me into the kitchen once more. There, in the grill I saw pork being roasted together with the fish and pork juices dripping onto other grilled seafood!

    They did not understand what halah was. Please be careful when you order food in Phillippines.

  9. Dear Aiman,

    regarding the note you made about the Australian man who fired a Muslim man on his staf for not following the teachings of islam. In that respect do you also disapprove of halal food offered by a company which isn’t entirely represented by a Muslim staff? Or can a man who is for instance a catholicist also offer quality halal food?

  10. Dear Shan,

    I apologise for the late reply. When I went to the US (that was about 10 years ago), my father contacted the management who explained to him that while they do sell chocolates with questionable ingredients, they also have a range of products made only from ingredients which are halal for Muslims to eat.

  11. Perhaps not all of them but years ago when my father contacted them, they were very helpful with their replies and gave him a detailed response on their processes and ingredients and from the information given to him, my father then only bought those which are made with halal ingredients in a separate area.

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