Eating out – Thai Food

2020 UPDATE: After hearing about the Black Canyon Halal controversy, I’ve looked up Black Canyon Coffee on JAKIM’s halal directory and it appears that the restaurant is no longer on the list. I would strongly caution all Muslims against eating at the restaurant since it is no longer confirmed to be halal. I considered taking this post down but I think this needs to be noted. If the situation change in the future, I shall update this section of the post again to reflect it.

We love Thai food. Even though there are a lot of restaurants and stalls that serves Thai food in KL, it is not easy to find one that serves a really tasty original Thai cuisine.

Early this week, we had our lunch at our favourite restaurant in Subang Jaya (USJ actually). We do not live on that side of the city but the restaurant serves such an authentic and delicious Thai cuisine plus tasty drinks that makes it worth for us to drive all the way to Subang Jaya for a nice Thai meal.

[prawn tomyam]

Their tomyam is marvelous, I prefer the chicken tomyam while my parents prefer the prawn tomyam so we always have both. Mum love their fresh and tasty seafood; her favourite dish is the seafood salad that come in a generous portion of seafood and cashew nuts. We also love their chicken dishes such as cashew nut chicken and sweet and sour chicken.


[seafood salad


cashew nut chicken] ->

I really enjoy their lovely drinks; they serves tasty yogurt drinks plus a lot of very delicious specialty coffee. Their ice-cream are nice too but I’m usually too full for any ice-cream after a nice meal over there!

Well, as people says – only Terengganu folks can cook an authentic ikang singgang; so only Thais can prepare an authentic tomyam!


13 thoughts on “Eating out – Thai Food

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  2. We love so many things that originated from Thailand. We love their food, some love their ladies and many too love their livestock. That is why so many of their livestock are brought into Malaysia, either legally or illegally.

    For their food I love them for their taste as well as their brief preparation.

    My hope is that one day Malay food can be prepared in less than 30 minutes after order.

  3. I love the taste of authentic Thai food too. As for illegal livestock- I think only those traders who can think of nothing else but making money and more money are the ones who love them as I wrote in ‘Food Facts’.

  4. hey aiman! i’m so impressed of reading your blog. its full with information. 😉

    thai food is very delicious but i seldom eat it. the last time my mother and i eating original thai’s food is around july ( i guess ) at tesco ampang. they were having an exhibition. i ate bihun tom yam. *yummy*

    i think i have to tell my mother there are thai’s restaurant at subang jaya. haha

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  6. Dear Aiman,

    what is the name of Thai restaurnat you visited in USJ? i love thai food and i live in USJ 3. Please let me know.



  7. Dear Nabri,

    The name of restaurant is ‘Black Canyon Coffee’ and here is it’s address:
    Lot G(M) & G(N), Ground Floor, Summit Subang USJ, Persiaran Kewajipan USJ 1, Selangor.
    To check their map click here.

    You could also check from their website – – for other locations but the taste might not be the same there. We went to the one at Jusco Taman Maluri but it was quite disappointing. However, the Aeon AU2 branch (G71, Ground Floor, Aeon AU2 Shopping Centre) was as good as the one in USJ.

  8. Hi Aiman, I bumped into your blog while googling thai restaurants in subang 🙂 I really like what you’re doing here in your blog keep up the great work & writing!

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