I wonder what control ones emotion? Sometimes I experienced emotional swing- a moment I was happy and suddenly the next moment I was sad. Odd isn’t it?

I hate to say that I can lose my temper easily! And I can easily cry too. And sometimes overwhelmed with joy that I just wanted to sing silly songs, dance and even shivering from excitement.

Mum always talks to me about controlling my emotions. But it is really hard not to cry when I’m sad or not to lose my temper when I’m angry. Emotional? I’m not proud of being emotional. Infact I do not want to be emotional, for as a Muslim I should learn to control my emotion. I hate to be rude to my parents or worse, shouting at them. We tends to say things that we don’t even mean to when we are angry. And one may even throw things around if they do not learn to control themselves. Ugly isn’t it?

Balancing my feelings is hard – how can I cool down when I’m too excited? But mum is right; I have to learn to control my emotions. And honestly I’m trying hard to do so; but more often than I should I forget about it when overwhelmed by emotion. Just like minding my manners; it is really, really hard!


4 thoughts on “Emotions

  1. Amani,
    Emotion is a very complex subject as human are.Body,soul emotion and physical must go in tandem.For without one of this, life can throw us to one end.First they must come in with one positive energy then we could enjoy the real happiness.You are a bundle of talents, good energy and blood.Do whatever is right and do with passion.See yourself as Allah sees you.

  2. Dear Aunty,

    Thank you for writing. I pray to Allah for His guidance in everything I do and I hope that I can contribute something to my country. Please pray for Allah to guide me always. Please keep on writing as it encourage me to continue blogging.

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