Precious vs Junk

I love to keep things of sentimental value and things that I can reuse in the future [after all we should recycle!]. But the problem is… that means I just want to keep everything!

Rare and beautiful candy wrappers, pretty seashells , nice boxes, colourful pamphlets [especially from Cold Storage!], interesting articles, cereal boxes [the cardboard can be reused], to old exercise books and broken toys! Mum said that I’ll end up with a house full of junks. Junks? Well… maybe I should go through my ‘collection’!

I have lots of old articles [and even stories] that I kept for future reading but yet to be read, also cute little pencils [an inch long of used ordinary pencils!], broken pens, little pieces of used erasers, pieces of papers that means a lot to me, little mementos and the list would just go on and on. That causes mum a real headache. Can’t blame my mum ‘coz I just piled up my things everywhere I can around the house. In fact my personal ‘compartments’ are overloaded by all these that I ran out of space for more important things!

Whenever I [have to] spring-clean and be parted from some of my ‘collections’, it really breaks my heart. But sometimes it made me laugh and wonder why on Earth did I kept some of those things?

I guess I’m not the only person who have this [kind of] problem of choosing between precious and junk. But the real problem is – sometimes I was too busy keeping junks that I misplaced or worse threw away things that are really important; the ones which actually should be kept safely!

Maybe it is time for me to learn to be more organised. As they say – mum always knows what is best for us!