Barrack Obama – US 44th President

Yesterday, 1.5 million of people watched Barrack Obama, 47, taking the oath of office on the National Mall to become the 44th US President. He is the first black American to win the presidential election which made the inauguration of Obama a symbolic meaning for African- Americans who suffered slavery and then racial segregation that made them second class citizens. During the administrations of the previous US President, George W. Bush, lots of war goes on in some of the Muslim countries such as those in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. The prison in Guantanamo Bay, where many Muslims were tortured, was also set up during the administration of the 43rd US President. And I am glad that in one of his first act, he had ordered the U.S. government to suspend prosecutions of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay for 120 days. I hope that he would shut down the prison in Guantanamo Bay and stop torturing the prisoners and have a better relationship with the American Muslim as well as the other Muslim countries. Like my little brother, Ahmad Ali (please refer to his blog post on Barrack Obama), I also hope that he would help to stop the war and help to create a peaceful world.


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