Eating Out – Chinese Food

Pak Ya’s Corner is a small HALAL Chinese food restaurant. The restaurant is very simple yet the service is very good. And the food is very, very delicious!

We have tried most of their various noodles, soups and rice sets. I love their Kong Po Chicken Rice which is a rice set consisting of a plate of plain rice served with chicken cooked in a tasty black sauce. I think their Kong Po Chicken Rice is simply delicious.

Their dim sums are worth trying too. They are almost as good as those served at some more expensive restaurants. The other day mum ordered some for her dinner while we ordered other dishes from the menu. It ended up with mum having to reorder her dim sums because we almost finished them up while mum was helping my little brother Ahmad Ali to finish his food!

We also love their tasty tofu soup. Tom yam is also on the menu but we haven’t  try it for my parents are fussy about tom yams – they love those really authentic tom yams.

Pak Ya’s Corner is owned by Pak Ya; who is also their chief cook. Pak Ya is a very friendly and wonderful Chinese Muslim. Located in Kampung Pandan, Pak Ya’s Corner is open daily from 3 pm to 1 am; and closed every other Wednesday. So far, the food are always tasty and we always enjoy eating there.

For more information (including map, address and phone number) of Pak Ya’s Corner, please refer to this post: Masakan Cina Yang Halal (Karim’s Blog)


8 thoughts on “Eating Out – Chinese Food

  1. My family love Chinese food too, but authentic halal Chinese food is difficult to find where we live.

    However, they are only good to eat when served hot and steaming and we could go hungry again not very long after consuming them!

  2. Dear Aiman Amani,

    Very interesting.

    Where is the actual location or address this Pak Ya’s Corner is a small HALAL Chinese food restaurant ?

    Any phone no. ?


  3. Hi, I really intrested to know where’s the location or direction or landmark to go to Pak Ya’s corner for ur info I’m from cheras maluri , please reply to me as soon as U can cause I’m really love chinese food but difficult to fine the halal one, your co-operation really appreciated.TQ

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