Ahmad Ali’s Great Moment

Josh Selig's comment on my brother's post '3rd & Bird'

My eight years old brother, Ahmad, had been receiving comments from a very special visitor. Guess who? Josh Selig, the creator of his favourite TV series ‘Wonderpets’ and ‘3rd & Bird’! Can you imagine, the founder and president of the Little Airplane Productions, had actually bothered to spend his time for my little brother who he does not even know?

3rd & Bird, a TV series by Little Airplane Productions

I truly admire my little brother’s success in blogging. He had been working very hard and is now a really good writer to be able to attract the attention of people like Josh Selig. Although I’m pleased and proud of his accomplishments, I can’t help feeling a little jealous. But then again, he had put a lot more effort in his writtings than I do; so he absolutely deserves the reward.

Josh Selig, the creator and founder of Little Airplane Productions

I’m also impressed with Josh Selig himself. Ahmad is no more than just one of the millions of fans of his wonderful creations and yet, he took the time to communicate with my little brother and made him very, very happy. He even revisited Ahmad’s blog a few more times and sent him more comments! It was very nice of him to do so and I hope that more ‘important’ and succesful people will also try to reach out to hard working kids to motivate them to be better kids. It does really make my little brother very proud and really motivates him to work harder. It even motivates me to write more posts!

Small Potatoes, the latest TV show by Little Airplane Productions

And to think that Ahmad knows who Josh Selig is…. Why, I had been a fan of Barney until my early teens and I had not even bothered to know who created it!

Barney & Friends


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