Terrengganu By-Election (Results)

PAS candidate Mohd Abdul Wahid bin Endut has been declared the winner of the Kuala Terengganu parliamentary seat by-election for a majority of 2631 votes. The results are as written below:

Mohd Abdul Wahid bin Endut (PAS candidate) – 32, 883 votes.

Wan Ahmad Farid bin Wan Salleh (BN candidate) – 30, 252 votes.

Azharuddin bin Mamat (Independent candidate) – 193 votes.

A total of 63, 993 out of 80, 229 voters cast their votes in the by-election.


One thought on “Terrengganu By-Election (Results)

  1. Aiman, it is good that you care what is going on around you.
    Wahid was my classmate when we were doing Diploma in Fisheries, way back in 1975 in UPM.
    Wan Fairid’s borother, Wan Hisham was my junior in SDAR, his mother was my wife’s ex-colleague in SMU Khairiyah..So both of them are my friends
    The people has said…

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