My Great Grandfather Passed Away

On the evening of 14th of June, my mother received a call from her cousin telling that my great grandfather, Mohd. Yaacob bin Abdullah (or his Chinese name, Tung Foo Piew), son of Abdullah Al-Yunani was admitted to the Kuala Terengganu Specialist Hospital. My father decided to leave for Terengganu early the next morning. However, we received another phone call half an hour later and my mom’s cousin told my mother that Appa had passed away. The news was a real shock to us because although Appa was over 95 years old, he was healthy and active.

Appa, scouting through the ages…

We left for Terengganu that night after Maghrib and arrived at his house at around 1:30 am. He was buried later in the morning at about 10 am at the Perkuburan Tok Pelam.

My great grandfather was a really fun and jolly man. Everytime we visited him, he would tease my little brother calling him Muhammad Ali, the boxer. He loved ice-cream and chocolate. My father would always bring him ice-cream and Appa would eat his with relish.

And he would welcome us to his little library and sometimes pulled out the books he had recently bought that he knew we would love. He had an amazing memory despite his age.

Appa’s books

The last time we visited him, he took out a book on martial arts for my brother and a book on Astronomy for me. He could remember all of the books I had borrowed, sometimes with their complete titles. And he had given me a few books too, with lovely long notes on the first pages, written in ‘old Malay’. I was always thrilled everytime he gave me a book, particularly because I knew that the special note would be waiting for me.

Appa was really an active man. He was an active member of the ‘Ahli Persaudaraan Pengakap B.P Terengganu’ and two years ago, he joined the scout’s jamboree to Thailand. He was a committee member of the Terengganu Civil Service Pensioners Association.

Appa was a wonderful man and we would all miss him a lot. May Allah bless his soul.

My great grandfather, Mohd. Ya’acob bin Abdullah with his wife, Raja Kalsom



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