Curry puff or ‘karipap’ is a traditional Malay food usually served during teatime. Pastry is used for the skin and the filling is curry with meat and/or potatoes. Karipap may also comes inย  different ‘version’ such as sardine puff, meat puff and fish puff and you can always explore using your imagination to create new fillings of your own invention…

Last month, my mother decided to make some beef and sardine puffs for tea. Mum is an expert in folding the edges of a karipap (the trickiest part). She does them in supreme quickness without any difficulties at all, thus alluring Aeshah, Ali and I to join her. She told us that it isn’t as easy as it looks but let us join in anyway. We excitedly washed our hands, took our place and mum gave us a stuffed karipap each. What we had to do is to fold the edges so that the fillings won’t spill out.

My first badge of karipaps (note: my first karipap was the one in the middle with two little openings where you can see the fillings).

Mine turned out really funny. I folded them the wrong way, the sizes were inconsistent and the shape of each fold is very silly. Ali’s first one came out pretty nice; infact I think his were better than Aeshah’s and mine (if compared to our age difference).

Ali's badge of karipaps. Aren't they nice?

Aeshah’s karipap turned out into a ball of mixed fillings and pastry ๐Ÿ˜† . Gone were the shape of the karipap! There wasn’t any folds at all… just a ball.

Aeshah's first badge of karipaps (Note: her first karipap is the one in the bottom-middle ~ a ball of pastry and fillings).

But she made a huge improvement in her second attempt. Mine also came out better by practice. Later, we asked mum if we could make karipaps with fillings of our choice. Mum approves.ย  Aeshah and Ali quickly rushed to the fridge and took out a packet of shredded mozarella cheese. I took a jar of ‘chunky’ peanut butter and a jar of anchovies and made peanut butter puff and peanut butter and anchovies puff ๐Ÿ˜€ .

Now, Aeshah, Ali and I are getting better at ‘karipap-folding’ and we are discussing on new fillings for our next project. Ali wants us to prepare some karipaps for a ‘special person’ by Wednesday… can you guess who?


5 thoughts on “Karipap

  1. I too love folding karipap’s skin when I was a kid. I used a fork then, Aiman.

    But frying it was more challenging for me back then. Too strong a fire the skin would bubble and be toad-skin-like!

    The filling is good when beef is the predominant ingredient. But when only sweet potatoes are used, I would just remove it and eat the skin only!

  2. Assalamu Alaikum, Najihah.

    Thanks for writing. Saya sebenarnya mulakan blog ini semasa umur saya masih 13 tahun untuk memperbaiki penulisan saya di dalam bahasa Inggeris. Dan untuk memberi pendedahan dan pengalaman supaya saya lebih yakin dalam menulis. Also, I have a better flair in presenting my ideas and expressing myself in English when I write. I speak Malay at home on a daily basis but I fail to be able to write in Malay with an equal quality of what I am able to in English. It is quite a challenge for me to write in Malay, especially to find accurate descriptive words. However, I do realise that it is a pity that I cannot express myself excellently in my mother’s tongue.

    Secondly, why I choose to stay writing in English is because there are not many Malay English writers in the cyberworld. When that happens, global readers depend on ‘secondary sources’ to learn the opinions, culture and lifestyle of the Malays like the international magazines and news portals. I am not denying that the established international press are careful in their writings but it is practically impossible for them to give an original view of people from a totally different world. This is the reason why the book ‘Growing Up In Trengganu’ is so popular… it was written by a man who grew up in Trengganu itself as a boy, who can tell in very descriptive words which would transport you into himself as he watched the ‘beleda’ falling down from the sky. No one else but a person who himself experience such a phenomenon could tell you the story in such a way.

    Thanks again for writing ๐Ÿ™‚

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