Precious vs Junk

I love to keep things of sentimental value and things that I can reuse in the future [after all we should recycle!]. But the problem is… that means I just want to keep everything!

Rare and beautiful candy wrappers, pretty seashells , nice boxes, colourful pamphlets [especially from Cold Storage!], interesting articles, cereal boxes [the cardboard can be reused], to old exercise books and broken toys! Mum said that I’ll end up with a house full of junks. Junks? Well… maybe I should go through my ‘collection’!

I have lots of old articles [and even stories] that I kept for future reading but yet to be read, also cute little pencils [an inch long of used ordinary pencils!], broken pens, little pieces of used erasers, pieces of papers that means a lot to me, little mementos and the list would just go on and on. That causes mum a real headache. Can’t blame my mum ‘coz I just piled up my things everywhere I can around the house. In fact my personal ‘compartments’ are overloaded by all these that I ran out of space for more important things!

Whenever I [have to] spring-clean and be parted from some of my ‘collections’, it really breaks my heart. But sometimes it made me laugh and wonder why on Earth did I kept some of those things?

I guess I’m not the only person who have this [kind of] problem of choosing between precious and junk. But the real problem is – sometimes I was too busy keeping junks that I misplaced or worse threw away things that are really important; the ones which actually should be kept safely!

Maybe it is time for me to learn to be more organised. As they say – mum always knows what is best for us!

My Article: Our Solution To A Better Future

Today, the world is facing a very big problem. People hurt each other for no reason. For example, a boy who was walking down the street got killed by a stranger. The boy did not do his killer any harm. All of this must be stopped. We cannot let it happen anymore. But how can we solve the problem?

This problem can be easily solved if everyone in this world is a good Muslim; but that will be almost impossible. However the world will be a better place if we can all learn to respect each other and live in harmony regardless of our races and religion. We can do all these by learning how to be good Khalifah of Allah. The most wonderful thing is, one does not have to be a Muslim to learn all these important things.

Allah told us in the Qur’an that we are his Khalifah. As a Khalifah of Allah, we need to make ourselves good, help others become good, and make the world clean and beautiful, pleasing to Allah.

Our first responsibility as a Khalifah of Allah is to make ourselves good. This means we need to perfect ourselves first. We have to do only good things. Never do the things that Allah doesn’t like. We cannot hurt other people’s feelings. If somebody treats us badly, just ignore them if possible. We must not always fight back or say bad words in return. We must lead a life as a good Muslim so that others can follow our steps. We must always forgive others and also ask for forgiveness both from Allah and also people around us. The world would then realize that Muslims are the most wonderful people on Earth.

Our second responsibility is to help others become good. We should command the right and forbid the wrong. We have to advise others to do good things. If we see some teenagers loafing we should advise them to do good things and spend time wisely.

Our third responsibility as a Khalifah of Allah is to make the physical world good, clean and beautiful pleasing to Allah. We have to recycle, plant new trees, make things from material that can be recycled and avoid polluting the world. We must not throw rubbish anywhere we like. Imagine, living in a very dirty place where there is rubbish everywhere. People will start blaming each other for throwing rubbish at their compound. Another example is a factory that throws toxic waste that can kill people, trees and animals. Cutting down trees can cause serious flood and landslides that could kill many lives. People around the area will get upset and angry; and it can cause a fight. If it gets serious it can cause a war.

If we really can learn to cooperate and be good to one another the world will be more peaceful and beautiful. People would not easily commit crime, even bad people would think twice before doing bad things to others because they will be caught and punished. Muslims must be wise and if we are good Khalifah of Allah, we can even lead the world. Allah gives us the Qur’an so that we can learn everything that we need to know. Let us stop hurting each other, instead let us work for a better future.

Written on February 2006.