Kalimah Allah: Pakatan Rakyat Violated the Federal Constitution

The leaders of Pakatan Rakyat, including those from the Malaysian Islamic Party, PAS had agreed to allow the Malaysian Christians to use the word Allah in the Malay version bible.


Disappointed over the issue, the Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah held an urgent meeting with the Mufti of Selangor and the high ranking members of MAIS and JAIS and decided that Allah could not be allowed to be used by any religions other than Islam. The secretory of MAIS, Datuk Mohd Misri Idris said, “The Sultan of Selangor has made a decision and decreed that the word Allah is a sacred word specific for Muslims and prohibited to be used by any non-Muslim religion in Selangor as stated in a fatwa and gazetted on Feb 18, 2010.”

In response, PKR’s Anwar Ibrahim criticised the statement by saying that, “MAIS has nothing to do with the Selangor government. That is why all of their critics were pointing towards Pakatan… never towards UMNO.”

It is obvious that Pakatan Rakyat had shown constant lack of respect towards the Sultan. (Please read,Sultan Not Invited To Selangor Merdeka Celebration, Who’s Fault?) so it is not surprising for Anwar to openly (though indirectly) question the authority of the Sultan as the Head of The Religion of Islam as it had been written in the Article 3 of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia. Article 3(2) states that:

In every State other than States not having a Ruler the position of the Ruler as the Head of the religion of Islam in his State in the manner and to the extent acknowledged and declared by the Constitution of that State, and, subject to that Constitution, all rights, privileges, prerogatives and powers enjoyed by him as Head of that religion, are unaffected and unimpaired; but in any acts, observances of ceremonies with respect to which the Conference of Rulers has agreed that they should extend to the Federation as a whole each of the other Rulers shall in his capacity of Head of the religion of Islam authorize the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to represent him.

In their published administration master plan, Buku Jingga, the Malaysian opposition (unregistered) coalition named Pakatan Rakyat gave honeyed promises to the Malay Muslims that the first two of their main objectives are:

1. To defend the Federal Constitution, Islam as the religion of the Federation while other religions can be practiced peacefully anywhere in the country, the special position of the Malays and the indigenous people anywhere including Sabah and Sarawak, and the legitimate interests of other races in accordance to Article 153. 2. To defend the role and responsibility of the institution of Constitutional Monarchy.

But in just one lash of his tongue, Anwar who is the leader of the Malaysian opposition had gone against both of these objectives. As written in the Article 3(2) of the Federal Constitution, Sultan Sharafuddin has full authority to prohibit the use of the word ‘Allah’ by non-Muslims, in his capacity as the Head of Religion (Islam) in Selangor. And nobody has the rights to belittle his majesty’s decree.

It is obvious that Anwar had gone against the Federal Constitution by questioning the role and responsibility of the institution of Constitutional Monarchy in his statement on Sunday. This shows the Pakatan Rakyat’s etiquette.


Anwar Ibrahim had shown his true colours in Bersih 3.0 when he practically drove the demonstrators into danger by instigating the crowd into a violent mad rush as they crashed into the police barricades, almost causing a stampede! And after throwing his supporters into a dangerous situation, Anwar was caught on camera grinning with satisfaction before disappearing from the scene; leaving his supporters to fight with the police without him and endangering their lives in such a ruthless and violent situation.

The same goes with PAS leaders. Calling themselves as ‘very Islamic’, they at the same time commit actions that had not only humiliate the Muslims and but also Islam. Crazily involved, planning and taking part in all kinds of unIslamic and useless political protests and demonstrations, PAS leaders ironically, rejected and even condemned the Himpunan Sejuta Umat; an event which was organised by Muslim NGOs calling the Muslims to strengthen their faith and to fight against apostasy.

Is the fight for Putrajaya is much more important in the eyes of the PAS’s leaders and members than the fight for Islam and the faith of the Muslims? I guess the answer is, “Yes!” PAS leaders are moving away from their once supposed goal of fighting for Islam, and are now making their decisions based on the topmost value upheld by PKR and DAP; total freedom.

The total freedom in voicing out their demands whether they are rational or otherwise in any way they wish to, including violent demonstrations as the Bersih 3.0. The freedom to swear as they like to anyone they choose, to show complete disrespect, to be ignorant and arrogant because it is their own rights as humans. The total freedom in their actions; to pull out a piece of rag and claiming that it is worthy to replace the flag of their own country, humiliating and denouncing their own nation on the night when the Malaysians are celebrating one of the biggest history of the country, Malaysian’s Independence.

What will be next for PAS? How about the total freedom in choosing who one wishes to be as what PAS’s allies in Bersih had been fighting for? Or in another word, the total freedom to practice homosexuality or to change one’s gender?

My siblings and I had often tried to point this out in our writings in trying to wake up our countrymen but we had been labelled as ‘UMNO bloggers’ whose views and thoughts are biased and brainwashed. My little sister, Aeshah in fact had been accused of being a ‘retarded BN supporter’ and was asked how much had she been paid by UMNO.

It really baffles me how PAS’s, PKR’s and DAP’s Malays can be so gullible to believe that the spoon that was thrustered into their mouths were filled with honey while it contains poison. When will those Malays be able to open their eyes and try to understand the Federal Constitution?

As Uncle Azril Mohd Amin had written:

Article 3(1) of the Federal Constitution unequivocally bestows upon Islam a special status that does not avail to other religions within the Federation. This arises from the fact that the said Article, clearly, exalts Islam. As a result of the exaltation, Islam exerts a dominating influence within the Federation’s social, political and cultural affairs in a way that sets it above the rest of the religions practised within the Federation.

Malaysia Is Not, And Has Never Been, A Secular State

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz said that MALAYSIA has never been declared a secular nation and the Federal Constitution made no mention of the word ‘secular’.

He was replying to John Fernandez, Seremban’s Member of Parliament from the DAP party (DAP-Seremban), who wanted to know if Malaysia was a secular state based on a Supreme Court decision in 1988.

Nazri said the position of Islam as a federal religion was also noted in several provisions under the Con­stitution, which include the development and propagation of Islam amongst Muslims and that civil courts had no jurisdiction over the powers of Syariah courts.

“There is also the oath taken by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong under Sche­dule Four to preserve Islam at all times,” he added.

Based on Article 162 of the Constitution, Nazri noted the 1988 Supreme Court’s decision in Che Omar did not declare the country as a secular nation although secular laws were used.

He also noted the words used in context of Article 162 referred to laws that were passed prior to Independence and were stated as ‘existing laws’ rather than ‘secular laws’.

This is not the first time the issue had been brought up. The members of the opposition parties had always claimed Malaysia to be a secular nation despite that in the Article 3 (1) it had been clearly stated that Islam is the Religion of the Federation.

Since the definition of secularism itself is the ‘indifference to or rejection or exclusion of religion and religious considerations’, it is impossible to say that Malaysia is a secular country when it has already been stated in the Constitution that ‘Islam is the religion of the Federation’. Thus this is contrary to popular belief that Islam is simply the ‘official religion’ of Malaysia which it is only subject to ritual and ceremonies.

Uncle Haji Mahamad Naser Disa of the Federal Territories Islamic Religious Council legal bureau and Uncle Azril Mohd Amin of the Muslim Lawyers Association of Malaysia had numerous times spoken to clarify this matter (see: Hijrah Minda: Agenda Transformasi Islam by Uncle Naser Disa). Uncle Zainul Rijal, president of the Muslim Lawyers Association of Malaysia had recently written an article on the place of Islam in the Constitution which was published in The Malaysian Bar and Utusan Malaysia.

He wrote that according to the experts of the Constitutional Law of Malaysia, there are seven main factors which formed the backbone of the Federal Constitution, the first one being Islam as the religion of the federation, and that each of them cannot be eroded from the Constitution. In fact, all of these seven factors should to be defended by all parties, be it a leader or even the ‘rakyat’ themselves. (read more here: Kedudukan Islam)

Despite this fact, the Democratic Action Party wrote in its manifesto (on the DAP Website: Vision & Mision): “DAP remains unswerving in its commitment that Malaysia shall remain as a democratic, secular and multi-religious nation.” One may question why the leaders of the opposition parties insist on claiming Malaysia is a secular nation. The way I see it, this is their dirty tactics and ploys in order to achieve their goals; to dethrone Islam of its place in the federation and to declare Malaysia as a secular country like Singapore (see Sang Saka Malaya Controversy)

Thus saying, as long as the current Constitution stands without being change, Malaysia shall remain standing as an Islamic nation whether or not it agrees DAP, PAS or PKR.

Najib, The Father of Liberalism In Malaysia?

I was shocked to read an article on Harakah Daily dated May 31, 2012 entitled, ‘Mapim: Najib layak digelar bapa liberal Malaysia’ or ‘Mapim: Najib is fit to be called the father of Liberalism in Malaysia’ for being on stage together with some members of a K-Pop group at the National Youth Day Celebration last week. Mapim or the Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Organizations accused the Malaysian Prime Minister, Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak of ‘endorsing’ the idea of Pluralism and Liberalism in Malaysia and suggested that he should be called ‘Ketua Liberalis Malaysia’ or The Head of Malaysian Liberalist because the K-Pop girls was dressed in shorts and top tanks.

In Malaysia, the words Pluralism and Liberalism usually refers to Pluralism in religion and Islamic Liberalism. So by calling the Dato’ Sri Najib as ‘Ketua Liberalis Malaysia’ for the reason above, I wonder if they actually understand the true meaning of ‘Islamic Liberalism’ or whether it is just another plan to tarnish the good name of the Prime Minister. Liberalism in Islam or Islamic Liberalism refers to being liberal in our ‘aqidah’ or belief.

A liberalist may has her or his own ideas or doctrine about Islam, believing that the traditional Islam creates a blockade that prevent people from thinking ‘liberally’. So, it matters ‘aqidah’ and not only wrong doing or ‘maksiat’. An example of a liberalist is Irshad Manji, a Canadian ‘lesbian Muslim’ who believes that praying 5 times a day is totally man-made thus serving no purpose and Allah loves the homosexuals as they are ‘born that way’. Another popular liberalist is Salman Rushdi.

As for a pluralist, she or he believes that all religions are true as all paths of all religions shall lead to the same end as quoted by Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim on March 18, 2010 at the London School of Economics. Again Pluralism in Islam goes back to ‘aqidah’, Pluralist may perform all their duties and responsibilities as Muslims but by believing that every body actually pray to the same god they are pluralists. That comes back to the issue of using the word ‘Allah’ by other religions in Malaysia. In this case it is clear that Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim and not Dato’ Sri Najib who fights to let all other religion to use the word ‘Allah’ to refer to their their gods.

Seeing the matter on this light, I cannot understand the ‘liberalism’ idea that was said to be spread and encouraged during the event. It is true that K-Pop members were not properly dressed and Najib shouldn’t have been on the same stage with them and the government should set a proper dresscode for such events but it is very wrong to use the incident to accused the PM ‘spreading liberal Islam’ unless if the PM made a statement that he wants to reform the Muslims’ dress code to the ones worn by the K-Pop groups. So, what happened was wrong doing and nothing to do with ‘aqidah’.

Speaking about the Himpunan Sejuta Belia, it is very funny that only the unIslamic  and the non beneficial programs such as the drag race and K-Pop were featured in the opposition medias but there was almost no words about the fact there were many educational activities such as ‘Young Entrepreneur’, ‘Education Fair’ and even Islamic activities like ‘Kolokium Tokoh Belia Islam’, Solat Hajat, Majlis Tahlil, Doa Selamat and Himpunan Pendakwah Muda’ marked under ‘aktiviti modal insan’ which was held during the event. Why did they only specifically highlighted the bad part of the event and did not even mention the beneficial activities. Again, I ask, is this another of their ‘political agenda’?

I do not ‘endorse’ those unhealthy culture and I call for UMNO to change and look into better entertainment approaches but I want to slam those who called the PM ‘Ketua Liberalis Malaysia’ and for writing:

“Jika ada pihak yang mengangkat isu wujudnya gerakan liberal di negara ini, maka kami berpendapat Perdana Menteri membayangkan bahawa   beliau adalah ketua kepada budaya dan pemikiran liberal di Malaysia,” kata setiausahanya Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid.

Liberalist and pluralist are serious offences in Islam and they could be consider as murtad or apostate. So calling a Muslim PM as ‘Ketua Liberalis Malaysia is really uncalled for and may suggest a very bad intention to tarnish not only Dato’ Sri Najib but also UMNO and Malaysia as an Islamic country.

HIMPUN v.s. Bersih: Does PAS Really Support Islam?

I used to have very high regards for the opposition parties, particularly PAS and PKR until recently. My childhood memories even included shouting ‘Reformasi! Reformasi!’ at the top of my voice while riding my little tricycle. I saw Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim of PKR as the ideal leader for Malaysia. During his days in ABIM, Anwar was credited for doing a great job in promoting hijabs among the Muslim women. One of my teachers once told me that during her younger days, she was made fun of because she wears hijab; during the older days we can hardly see Malaysian women in proper hijab. PAS (meaning the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party) was formed with a mission to fight for Islam and to uphold Islam in Malaysia. Therefore, I used to firmly believe that if PAS and PKR could work together to form a new government, it would be really great for Malaysia.

But recent events made me doubt my strong belief and trust in PAS and PKR. Was it fair for PAS to falsely claimed that Himpunan Sejuta Umat or HIMPUN (an event organised by Muslim NGOs calling the Muslims to strengthen their faith and to fight against apostasy) as an UMNO’s political agenda while giving full-support towards Bersih, a ‘demonstration turned riot’ led by an LGBT fighter asking for fair and clean election.

As an Islamic party claiming to fight for an Islamic government, PAS should not only took part but also supported HIMPUN as it was an important Islamic program. And as for PKR who claims that the current government is not Islamic for being led by corrupted leaders who cheated in the past general elections, why can’t their Muslim and ‘Islamic’ leaders especially Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim support HIMPUN, even if their non-muslim leaders would not?

Even Datuk Ibrahim Ali (not that I am a fan of his), whom the opposition leaders refer as  ‘frog’, attended the event to support his Muslim brothers and sisters. Of course, he wanted to be one of the speakers at the event, but even after he was ‘denied’ the honour, he still attended HIMPUN, proudly sitting with the mass crowd despite of his flamboyant self. And not just that, he even used his influence to promote the event and brought along the members of his NGO in full spirit. Ibrahim Ali may be a frog for some people but when it comes to his faith, he knows that as a Muslim, he needs to protect Islam.

If a flamboyant ‘frog’ can put aside his ego for the sake of Islam, why can’t the supposedly honourable Muslim leaders of PKR and especially PAS at least voiced out their support towards strengthening the faith of Muslims? PAS president, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang said to the press just before the event that (because) he respected the organisers’ wishes to keep HIMPUN as a non-political event, he will not be attending HIMPUN and advised all PAS members to follow suit.” It was an odd indeed; but what makes it more confusing is the fact that he and other PAS senior leaders gave Bersih their full-support when Bersih is also a non-political event. PAS’s spiritual leader even made a call to all Muslims to attend Bersih 3.0 rally; not only saying that it is a must(wajib) for Muslims to do so but even admitted that he provided some of them with some pocket money. Or did they took those actions to humiliate the Bersih 3.0’s organisers since Bersih 3.0 was led by an LGBT fighter? But of course it would make sense if the rumours were true that Bersih 3.0 is actually the opposition parties’ political agenda to tarnish the reputation of the current government with the hope to paint the Malaysian government as cruel, injustice, corrupted and against the freedom of speech.

PAS should do all it takes to fight for Islam, after all their party’s mission slogan is (or was?) to implement the Islamic law (hudud) in Malaysia; claiming that Malaysia under the current government is a secular country. Later, they even accused UMNO was behind HIMPUN, which was a big white lie! Why must they choose to policalise everything? And what is wrong for Muslims to sit together as an ummah(a muslim) disregarding their different political stances at such events? Earlier, PAS youth chief made a statement giving full support for HIMPUN but he was silenced by Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang’s strong statement against HIMPUN. Wouldn’t PAS be gaining political mileage if they support HIMPUN, instead of fibbing and twisting stories? Perhaps HIMPUN is not Bersih(clean) enough …. for it was not a political event.

However, Datuk Dr. Hasan Ali who was one of their state government’s excos attended the event not as a political leader but in his personal capacity as a Muslim individual. Ironically, he was shortly sacked from the party for (as quoted by PAS president) “based on Datuk Hasan Ali’s action which have wronged and damaged the party’s interest as provided for in PAS constitution”. I (and I believe, many others) give high respect to Dr. Hasan Ali for he dared to go against the odds to support Islam despite of PAS’s orders that prevented their members from attending HIMPUN.

It seems very clear that PAS isn’t true to their words to uphold and fight for Islam. Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat(PAS spiritual leader) and Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang (PAS president) made lots of questionable statements; some were even contrary to the teaching of Islam. It is such a shame if the ‘rumours’ is true that PAS uses Islam for their own political gains to win the Muslim  (who are the majority of Malaysian) votes in achieving their dreams to lead the country or as they fondly say ‘menuju Putrajaya’. Instead of upholding Islam, their conducts shows the opposite. The worst is, the Malays are torn apart.

Is Pakatan Rakyat Really Up To It?

Unlike my 9 year old little brother, I usually have no interest in politics but the latest events such as Bersih 3.0 had got me thinking about it. There are rumours that the next general election is going to take place in June. As the Barisan Nasional had been ruling Malaysia for 57 years, the opposition group, the Pakatan Rakyat condemned the Barisan Nasional for trying to ‘hang on power’. They accused the Barisan Nasional of cheating in the past general elections in order to secure their place to rule the country. But the question is, if the Pakatan Rakyat were to win in the coming general election, will they be capable of ruling the country better than the current government does and will they be able to carry out their duties as ‘clean’ and responsible leaders?

Let us look back at the Bersih 3.0 demonstration which happened on the 28th of April, 2012. After they ‘hijacked’ the whole event and turned it into a violent political plot, they failed to control the crowd of only 30,000 to 60,000 people; except if they meant the event to turn ugly so that they can tarnish the police force and the government as claimed by the Barisan Nasional leaders.

Please click here for photos of the ‘peaceful’ rally

It is very sad to see how the Pakatan Rakyat leaders; after making such fiery speeches during the event that roused the demonstrators to break the barricade at Dataran Merdeka, they then chose to leave their supporters (as soon as their supporters entered the forbidden line) to face the water cannon and the tear gas or whatever ‘brutal actions'(as they claimed) by the police in order to control the situation. As the leaders were there at that critical moment, it is their responsibilities to go to the front line to either lead the riot (if that is what they wanted) or to ‘calm down the heat’ and order them to disperse immediately (if they really wanted a peaceful rally) to protect the supporters from facing what they always claimed as police brutality.

By leaving the scene, the leaders failed to protect their supporters, including those who were naive enough to not foresee the danger ahead of such ‘peaceful’ demonstration. But sadly, their supporters failed to see how their leaders left them all alone as soon as the ‘war’ started. All the way from the first sign of trouble when they turned down the offer of holding the event in a stadium (where it is easier to control a large number of people) to the time when they brutally exposed their supporters to danger by not stopping them from breaking the barricades at Dataran Merdeka and later blaming the government and the police for the tragedy; we may be wondering if they will be better leaders of Malaysia compared to our current ministers. And by not wanting to accept any  responsibility of the damages done and injuries caused during the event, it raises question about their credibility.

Pakatan Rakyat are also fighting for press freedom but when Mr. Benji Lim tried to voice out his regret and angerduring the press conference the day after Bersih, he was forced out of the room. And the news on their so called ‘unbiased’ online newspapers  twisted stories of the incident and added their own bits of sugar and cream to present a better view of themselves. But didn’t they accused the main newspapers and media like TV3, Utusan Malaysia and News Straits Times of twisting stories and showing only half of what happened (the side that the government wanted to be seen)? And now, aren’t they doing the same thing?

I don’t really want to judge, but I doubt it if Pakatan Rakyat is as what their medias painted them to be. There were lots of questions, dissatisfaction and incidents among the members of a party in the Pakatan Rakyat during their party elections. If the opposition leaders claimed those who questioned about how clean the election were run as  sore loses, then it is just fair if the Barisan Nasional said the same thing when facing the same situation. But to avoid ourselves from the headaches and health problems due to the pressure of analysing such a ‘difficult’ situation; why not we just agree to ‘it is all the Barisan Nasional’s fault. What do you think?

Please see: What is Bersih 3.0 fighting for? >>Aeshah Adlina’s Weblog