Dry Ice

Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide which sublimates at room temperature and at atmospheric pressure. Dry ice is very useful as one can use it to keep things cold, to make carbonate drinks, making smoke effects, trapping insects. One can also use dry ice for lots and lots of fun science experiments.

On the 31st of December 2008, mum and dad bought us Baskin Robbins ice-creams. And as usual, there were lots and lots of dry ice packed in the paper bag to keep the ice-cream frozen.

Back home, I showed my brother and sisters how to make ‘clouds’ using dry ice. I put a small piece of dry ice in a bottle filled with water and ‘clouds’ started to flow out from the bottle. We tried all kinds of experiments to make ‘different kinds’ of clouds. We made cloud that went up high and also the sort of flooded the ground. And we did really enjoy ourselves very much.

The next day, I surfed through the internet to search for new ideas for new ideas of how to play with dry ice. I found so many sites that wrote about dry ice and how to have fun with them. Apart from that I learn a lot more about dry ice too. Such as the correct way to handle dry ice and safety rules. Dry ice is so cold that it could cause severe cold burns. Also one should make experiments using well-aired area for the carbon dioxide release as the dry ice sublimates could harm us.

Playing with dry ice is really fun but it can be very dangerous too. So, one has to learn about the safety rules and follow the rules carefully. Playing with big pieces of dry ice may not be a good idea without an adult to help us.

Playing with dry ice I not empty fun as we can have fun and learn new things too. In fact, it is a very  educational experience!