Violence In Bersih 3.0 – Who Is At Fault?

Bersih 3.0 was promised to be a peaceful rally but things turned ugly when the protesters went violent, broke the rules and even acted brutally towards the police. As the dust began to settle, a new question sparked, who is to be blamed? The protesters blamed the police for the the unrest caused. They claimed that the […]


100 Years Ago: The Amazing Technology of 1910

I found this very interesting article in Yahoo! News and thought of sharing it with all of you. Heather Whipps Special to LiveScience Heather Whipps special To Livescience – Fri Jan 1, 11:05 am ET The dawn of 2010 promises more amazing developments in the world of technology. Already, tourists can visit space, for a price, nearly […]


!!!PLEASE HELP MY GRANDMOTHER’S BOOKSTORE!!! !!!SAVE IT FROM BEING DEMOLISHED BY THE TRENGGANU GOVERNMENT!!! !!!PLEASE HELP ALAM AKADEMIK SDN BHD (THE OLDEST BOOKSHOP IN TERENGGANU – ALMOST A HUNDRED YEARS OLD)!!! Yesterday, we received a letter telling us to move away in 30 days from 13th July 2009. Later, we’ve found out that our neighbours […]