NaPoWriMo Poem#6: My Obligation To My Family

Everything I used to know instantly begins to change
Nothing is familiar to me, nothing still feels the same
Too sudden for me to even know who am I to blame
How long had the masters around me been playing this ugly game?

Secrets now exposed, once hidden since long past
The family I remember and know is disappearing fast
The wilderness around me, haunts me and seems so vast
It truly feels like I stand alone, like I am now the last.

The pillar that I depended on now not within my reach
The words that I have given to others I can never breach
And yes I now can see ‘whodunnit’ in this story
But please understand, I cannot leave my family.

The walls that kept me safe was nothing but illusion
And now the road ahead of me has reached its division
Time is short but I can’t afford a mistake in my decision
Between two duties, which of them carries my obligation?

I want to do the right thing for my people, for my home
I choose to walk in between where the weeds and shrubs have grown
But sooner or later it won’t be safe to walk into the unknown
I know that from this moment onwards I face my trials alone.

The pillar that I had been leaning on could no longer support me
How things would turn out in the future I cannot foresee
And although I now can see the person who started this tyranny
But I think that my obligation is for me to stand with my family.

Note: Since the first day I wrote for NaPoWriMo, I had wanted to write a poem based on the story I wrote (and has yet to complete) for the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). This poem was written from my main character’s point of view after he realised that he had been an insignificant pawn in a huge game of betrayal and deception and he had to choose his loyalty; to his innocent cousin or his deceitful father.

NaPoWriMo Poem #5: The Dawn of a New Year

It is the dawn of a new year and the sun has yet to rise
But over the horison you can now see the sun’s deceiving disguise
The sky is catching the colours like a huge spherical prism
Painting the glorious display above, filling me with optimism

I see others just like me heading out towards the East
For a moment we forget our arguments and all quarrels cease
Crawling out from little cradles, hobbling down with canes,
From every corners of the globe, we rush out to the plain.

I clean my brush off the past year’s paint now all caked and dry
And with me I bring a new can of colours for me to fill the sky
I run the clouds with streaks of hope that speaks of my quest
And pray that the sky of dusk would shine the hues of my success


Note: This poem is inspired by my journal entry ‘The Dawn of 2011’ where I wrote:

The sun is well below the horizon but it’s rays succeeded in painting the sky with superb colours. It is the time when you paint the sky with your wishes and resolutions and vow to reach your goal. It is the dawn of 2011.

You pick up your worn, old brush that you had been using every year and a new can of paint out to the field. You step on your tiptoes and brush your streak of paint, praising Allah’s name and beg Him to help you be one of the lucky ones; they who would come back before nightfall, painting again with dazzling colours of success into the dusk sky.


NaPoWriMo Poem #4: Ice Lollies

At the edge of the line, a table so small,
Standing among the bigger stalls,
There were two ladies with a tub of ice,
Selling ice lollies for a small price.

Five cartons of drink, each a different flavour,
Poured into small cylindrical containers,
Pop a stick in (for eating with ease),
And they’ll stand in the tub until they freeze.

I mused at the simple ingenuity,
There’s not a need for electricity,
Then my turn came and I said to the lady,
“Chocolate for my sister and strawberry for me.”


Note: I came across this photo as I was uploading the media files from my phone and thought that it would be a rather interesting subject for a poem. It was taken a few months back, when my father was invited to some program at a carnival and he brought all of us along. My mother found this ice lolly stand by accident while she was hunting for her beloved ‘keropok lekor’ (she insisted that keropok lekors are a ‘must-eat’ at carnivals just like how popcorns are to movies). The tub really fascinated me since I had never seen anything like it before.

NaPoWriMo Poem #3: Laundry Day

I had actually managed to forget that I’m supposed to write a poem yesterday so I’ll just post a short one before I go to bed.

Spalsh! Into the tub they go,
Rub and scrub and let them soak,
Rinse, squeeze till they can’t drip,
Hang them up, secure them with clip.



Soapy water with lots of suds
Makes a lovely bubbly flood
The wind come blows my clothes all dry,
I pay them with bubbles to fill their sky.

NaPoWriMo Poem 2: The Lady on the 39th Street

A story I’ve heard a million times,
Like that song I set on repeat,
Being told again by the same lady,
As I walked towards the 39th Street.

Every evening she walked home from the office,
Where she worked as a cleaner among clerks,
They don’t give her more than a nod or a glance
A petty plankton among the sharks.

She told me of the tale of her better days,
When her husband commuted to Wall Street,
Before she lost her fortune and was left alone,
In the shabby cabin on the 39th Street.

“My dear,” croaked she as she gripped my hand,
“Wealth is nothing but an illusion,
The present is a gift you may lose any second,
Don’t let the glitters cloud your vision.”

“Just ten years ago, I had it all,
There’s never red on my balance sheet,
I was just so rich that I almost forgot,
This old cabin on the 39th street.”

“The downfall came when we least expected,
The economy fell, my husband now penniless,
I never expected my account to run dry,
My daily blessings became my curse.

“My luxurious home and boxes of jewels
The money I never thought would deplete,
I lost my riches, my friends and my husband,
All but my mother on the 39th street.”

“When I came to her with just one bag on my back,
She smiled at the daughter who left her,
I was almost sure I would hear the mocking laughs,
And I did; but not from my mother.”

“I begged for forgiveness and swore to change,
I wished I never left for the suite,
Because just two years later she breathed her last,
Right here on the 39th Street.”

My friends asked why did I bother to care,
To listen again and again,
They thought sincerity was impossible,
So why even bother to pretend?

The lady walked alone for six long years,
Before we’ve got a chance to meet,
She tried to redeem for the mistakes of her past,
She’s my friend on the 39th Street.

NaPoWriMo Day 1: Mr. Steve and Little P

Guess what? My brother and little sister have successfully enticed me into joining this one poem a month challenge, or NaPoWriMo (National Poem Writing Month). I admit that I am now a few days late but well – better late than never 🙂

Today’s poem was made especially for my little siblings who are now in the process of transferring their little play into a story which they would call ‘The Lego Chronicles’. This poem tells the part where two of my favourite characters, Mr. Steve and Little P discovered a meteor shower by accident. The details may not be accurate because I wasn’t too sure of what happened and I didn’t want to ask my siblings so I could surprise them 😉

Mr. Steve was a funny man, you see.
He’s a master of astronomy and meteorology,
But you’ll never expect that he could also be
A successful secret agent retiree.

At the observatory, he now spent his days,
One day he took the school kids to his place,
The kids were feeling excited and amazed
To know that they’ll be learning of planets and space

When they arrived, Mr Steve waved his hand,
The oohs and aahs made him feel grand
“This is it, kids,” he grinned and said,
“This is the best place to earn your bread.”

He went to his table and pushed papers aside,
To show them his latest discovery with pride
But they couldn’t understand the graphs at all,
Their attentions were pulled to the center of the hall.

Mr Steve laughed when he noticed them glanced
“Behold! My telescope and it’s very advanced,
You could use it to see if other planets have trees
I would surely know, I made them, you see.”

Mr Steve took a vote and they all agreed,
To peer into the tunnels towards the unknown mystery,
They made a neat line and waited quietly,
And the first to try was, of course, Little P.

The boy carefully peeped into the lens,
His jerked in surprise and turned to his friends,
The brows on his round eyes couldn’t go higher.
“Look Mr. Steve! There’s a ball of fire!”

“A ball of fire?” Mr. Steve asked,
The child nodded his head really fast,
Mr. Steve took a look and adjusted the power,
“I could not believe it! It’s a meteor shower.”

The kid shook his head and tried to be polite,
“I’m sorry Mr. Steve but you did not hear me right,
You seem to think that I have seen a meteor shower,
But I did not… it was a ball of fire.”

“But my child, the fiery ball that you speak of,
Is called a meteor, a rock flying up above,”
“But Mr Steve, a shower? It could not have been,
There was just one, do you see what I mean?”