NaPoWriMo Poem #4: Ice Lollies

At the edge of the line, a table so small,
Standing among the bigger stalls,
There were two ladies with a tub of ice,
Selling ice lollies for a small price.

Five cartons of drink, each a different flavour,
Poured into small cylindrical containers,
Pop a stick in (for eating with ease),
And they’ll stand in the tub until they freeze.

I mused at the simple ingenuity,
There’s not a need for electricity,
Then my turn came and I said to the lady,
“Chocolate for my sister and strawberry for me.”


Note: I came across this photo as I was uploading the media files from my phone and thought that it would be a rather interesting subject for a poem. It was taken a few months back, when my father was invited to some program at a carnival and he brought all of us along. My mother found this ice lolly stand by accident while she was hunting¬†for her beloved ‘keropok lekor’ (she insisted that keropok lekors are a ‘must-eat’ at carnivals just like how popcorns are to movies). The tub really fascinated me since I had never seen anything like it before.


NaPoWriMo Poem #3: Laundry Day

I had actually managed to forget that I’m supposed to write a poem yesterday so I’ll just post a short one before I go to bed.

Spalsh! Into the tub they go,
Rub and scrub and let them soak,
Rinse, squeeze till they can’t drip,
Hang them up, secure them with clip.



Soapy water with lots of suds
Makes a lovely bubbly flood
The wind come blows my clothes all dry,
I pay them with bubbles to fill their sky.