NaPoWriMo Day 1: Mr. Steve and Little P

Guess what? My brother and little sister have successfully enticed me into joining this one poem a month challenge, or NaPoWriMo (National Poem Writing Month). I admit that I am now a few days late but well – better late than never 🙂

Today’s poem was made especially for my little siblings who are now in the process of transferring their little play into a story which they would call ‘The Lego Chronicles’. This poem tells the part where two of my favourite characters, Mr. Steve and Little P discovered a meteor shower by accident. The details may not be accurate because I wasn’t too sure of what happened and I didn’t want to ask my siblings so I could surprise them 😉

Mr. Steve was a funny man, you see.
He’s a master of astronomy and meteorology,
But you’ll never expect that he could also be
A successful secret agent retiree.

At the observatory, he now spent his days,
One day he took the school kids to his place,
The kids were feeling excited and amazed
To know that they’ll be learning of planets and space

When they arrived, Mr Steve waved his hand,
The oohs and aahs made him feel grand
“This is it, kids,” he grinned and said,
“This is the best place to earn your bread.”

He went to his table and pushed papers aside,
To show them his latest discovery with pride
But they couldn’t understand the graphs at all,
Their attentions were pulled to the center of the hall.

Mr Steve laughed when he noticed them glanced
“Behold! My telescope and it’s very advanced,
You could use it to see if other planets have trees
I would surely know, I made them, you see.”

Mr Steve took a vote and they all agreed,
To peer into the tunnels towards the unknown mystery,
They made a neat line and waited quietly,
And the first to try was, of course, Little P.

The boy carefully peeped into the lens,
His jerked in surprise and turned to his friends,
The brows on his round eyes couldn’t go higher.
“Look Mr. Steve! There’s a ball of fire!”

“A ball of fire?” Mr. Steve asked,
The child nodded his head really fast,
Mr. Steve took a look and adjusted the power,
“I could not believe it! It’s a meteor shower.”

The kid shook his head and tried to be polite,
“I’m sorry Mr. Steve but you did not hear me right,
You seem to think that I have seen a meteor shower,
But I did not… it was a ball of fire.”

“But my child, the fiery ball that you speak of,
Is called a meteor, a rock flying up above,”
“But Mr Steve, a shower? It could not have been,
There was just one, do you see what I mean?”