Anwar Ibrahim: Sayyidina Ali, The First Caliph

During the Dialog Anak Muda Selangor last month, Anwar Ibrahim had mentioned Sayyidina Ali as the first Caliph.

I think it is hardly necessary for me to explain to the Muslims why Anwar’s statement, “Sayyidina Ali the first Caliph” is wrong; for Sayyidina Ali r.a. is actually the fourth caliph, after Sayyidina Abu Bakr, Sayyidina Umar and Sayyidina Uthman.

Coming from the mouth of Anwar Ibrahim, “the renowned speaker on the subjects of democracy, freedom, governance, Islam” (quoting from Wikipedia), this uncorrected ‘mistake’ is far beyond mind-boggling. Even insane feels like an understatement.

The most baffling part of the whole thing is that even the audience didn’t question and seem to accept Anwar’s statement.

However, as it had been shown in the video, the Shiites or Syiahs, believe that Sayyidina Ali is the only true caliph as he was the nephew of the Prophet Muhammad but this devious belief has been banned in Malaysia as has been decided by the Fatwa Committee of the National Council for Islamic Religious Affairs Malaysia. Quoting from the e-fatwa website:

The 40th Special Muzakarah (Conference) of the Fatwa Committee of the National Council for Islamic Religious Affairs Malaysia held on 5th May 1996 has discussed Shi’ism in Malaysia. The Conference decided to:1. Agree with the decision of the Fatwa Committee Muzakarah (Conference) held on 24th-25th September 1984 [Paper No. 2/8/84, Article 4.2. (2)] concerning Shi’ism that decided as follows:
“After discussing and deliberating on this working paper, the Committee has decided that only the Zaidiyyah and Jaafariyyah Shi’ite sects are accepted to be practiced in Malaysia” is abolished.
2. Decided that Muslims in Malaysia must only follow the teachings of Islam based on the doctrine of the Ahl al-Sunnah wa al-Jama’ah on creed, religious laws and ethics.
Could it be that Anwar intentionally made this ‘mistake’?
After all, PAS, another member from the unregistered oppositional coalition, Pakatan Rakyat, has often voiced their support for Syiah.
Setiausaha Ulama PAS
tgna syiah
pas syiahI wonder….

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