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On the 16th March 2013, Antara Pos and Agenda Daily had released videos of a group of reporters chasing the opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim for his comment on the photos believed to be from a video featuring a man who looked very similar to him.

Please read: Tanya Sama Anwar

Here are the videos which were released by Antara Pos and Agenda Daily:

Fitnah jijik UMNO termasuk you menjelang pilihan raya
Seorang menggunakan media untuk menyebarkan fitnah
Nama dia Melayu Muslim

During minute 1:22 of the video from Antara Pos, Anwar Ibrahim denied being the man in the photo/video saying, “This is a disgusting defamation by UMNO including you (the reporter). Somebody who uses the media to spread lies. His/Her name is Malay Muslim”. Then one of his supporters called the reporter a munafik or hypocrite.

Why must Anwar became so angry and accused that the reporter is part of the ‘so called’ political gimmick when…

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