An Open Letter to Matt Mullenweg – A blog suspended unfairly with no clarification

UPDATE: WordPress has returned on March 1st. Thank you all for the ongoing support and thanks to Jackie, from the WordPress team of Happiness Engineers and to WordPress for giving him a free custom design upgrade. Ahmad Ali is honoured and delighted at the quick response after his message was replied to.

(Dear readers, Ahmad Ali’s Weblog (the blog of my little brother, Ahmad Ali) has been suspended and later ‘archived’ for violation of WordPress’s Terms of Service (TOS) unfairly without any clarification. I hope that you would all continue to support him at his new blog HERE and to help him have his voice heard and for him to get the justice he rightfully deserves.)

Dear, Matt.

First of all, I’d like to say that this may take some amount of your time but I plead you to please, please finish this and to send a reply so that I know that it has been received. Secondly, I’d like to clarify that my blog is perfectly fine but it is my 10 years old brother’s blog that had been suspended. The URL to the blog os I would have asked at the forum but for two reasons, one is that since my brother had his blog suspended, he is no longer able to access to the forum. The other is that, he had tried to contact WordPress through the link at the top of the dashboard and also the contact forum here: numerous times to ask for clarification but we never ever get a reply.

When my brother received the first note that his blog was suspended after failing to write a post, all of us helped him to look for the ‘bad’ content which was against the TOS but none of us could find any. So we taught him how to fill in the contact form asking for clarification and to apologise if he had violated any TOS but he was not aware of it and he that is what he did. We waited and after not receiving any reply, we thought that perhaps they had probably lost or missed the note so he sent in a few more. Then we decided that you guys may have loads of complaints every day and decided to wait.

Unfortunately, he found out earlier today that his whole blog “has been archived or suspended for a violation of our (WordPress’s) Terms of Service.” We found that it was unfair because he didn’t violate any TOS unless by accident and when we asked for some clarification (and he would remove the content if he knew what was the bad content) we did not receive any reply. I find that this is against the freedom of speech and internet freedom which WordPress had been supporting all the while (please see:

My brother had been brought up to think critically, express his opinions and thoughts and to ask questions should he had any. He is vocal and outgoing despite being sweet and polite, and would always try to express himself without hurting the other party. In fact, he started the blog because he wanted to share his ideas with the world. However, this situation had been affecting him greatly. He had begun another blog (URL: and we had to convince him that it is still and had always been okay to express himself. And even so, he still firmly believes that his blog had been suspended because of his religious and political point of view (he has a great interest in politics) and would not write anything that touches that matter. Now that his blog had been ‘archived’, I fear that it may affect his confidence greatly to the extent that he would be unsure of himself and he would be scared to comment on anything that involves people of different views.

I plead you, since I am sure that you have a great influence in, to please, please have this all checked out and hopefully clear his blog from suspension. If he really did make a mistake which we fail to see; please give him a chance to fix it up as he never had the chance before. I hope that you could do him, an innocent boy of ten, the justice he deserves. It means a lot to him and to all of us.

Thank you so much for reading this and for your time.

Yours sincerely,
Aiman Amani Karim



3 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Matt Mullenweg – A blog suspended unfairly with no clarification

  1. Dear Aiman Amani,

    I was trying to view your brother’s blog today but I was warned with malware message. When I read this post I suppose it is related but it is said that the blog address was restored on March 1st. I visited Ali’s blog anyway and left a message about the malware warning.

    I think it is always a good idea to back up all his writings. In blogger I can do this, but I’m not sure with wordpress. Just make sure to check on his blog again. I also found the similar warning on your father’s blog.

    Just saying, if I were to visit his blog again and was met up with the same malware message, I’d be turned off. It’s probably just me but Ali has a lot of readers.


  2. Assalamu Alaikum, Kak Zura.

    Thanks for the notice. Yes, we are aware of the malware problems in both my father’s and my brother’s blog. Actually, the blogs are now free of malware but we are still trying to solve the problem with the warning message. The problem began weeks ago when both of their blogs were hacked into and malicious codes were inserted into their blogs. Unfortunately, by the time they removed the malicious code, Google had ‘marked’ their blogs (as well as the media files section of their blogs where the photos and such were stored). My brother and my father then used the Google Tools to alert Google that the malware has been removed from the site but although Google remove the warning from the blog itself, it did not remove the warning from the media files section (which is why you can find the same warning in my blog too on pages where I put up pictures taken from my brother’s blog and the photos are stored in his media files section).

    We tried to settle this with WordPress and while they were trying to solve that problem, they notice that my brother was underaged and his blog was suspended. However, when my father contacted them to explain the Ahmad Ali has my father’s consent, they apologised and explained that they had done what they could from their part to solve this problem but it has to be resolved with Google themselves.

    Up till now, we are still trying to figure out what to do and how to contact them. The blogs no longer contain malware but Google has yet to remove the message. Thank you so much for the notice. We really hope that this problem could be resolved soon. You can visit Ahmad Ali’s second blog here: while we’re trying to sort this out.
    Thanks a lot, Kak Zura.

    Aiman Amani

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