Is Halal Food Too Unbearable For The PKR’s Non-Muslim Members?

A few days ago a poster advertising a ‘Jamuan Makan Malam bersama Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim’ caused an uproar among Muslim bloggers and blog readers alike. According to the poster, you have the choice to pick between halal and non-halal food at the event. Such an act is unheard of in Malaysia, especially not from any political parties in the course of ‘selling tables’ when it also involves their Muslims supporters.

In the first place, why would there be the need to serve non-halal food during a PKR dinner when there will be Muslims attending the function? Is this one of PKR’s ways to promote religious pluralism and Muslim liberalism as a platform towards introducing secularism in Malaysia? Of course, PAS may agree with the above statement if such an act was committed by UMNO leaders.

By the way, isn’t that against the first of the three objectives of the Common Policy Platform from the Buku Jingga?

To defend the Federal Constitution, Islam as the religion of the Federation while other religions can be practiced peacefully anywhere in the country, the special position of the Malays and the indigenous peoples anywhere including Sabah and Sarawak, and the legitimate interests of other races in accordance to Article 153.

Consuming non-halal food is against Islam and if Islam is the religion of the federation, non-halal food are not supposed to be served during such events. Yes, at the moment they are not the ruling government but do they have any respect for their Muslim members? And how about the religious obligations among their Muslim organising committee and other party leaders? If those Muslim leaders has no respect toward their Muslim brothers and sisters, is there any guarantee that they would fulfill the promises as in reference to Article 153?

Why didn’t Mapim or PAS say anything about this matter? Isn’t Mapim the one who accused Najib of being the ‘father of secularism in Malaysia’ because of the ‘K-Pop’ event? So, why didn’t they say anything now when the dinner organiser clearly humiliates Islam and shows no respect for the Muslims? Or did the, ‘RM500/table (non-halal)’ just appeared on the PKR poster out of nowhere just like how the K-pop dancers appeared on stage at the ‘Bertam Nite’ dinner?

Again, is it a must to serve ‘non-halal’ food at such function? And what is the real status of the claimed to be ‘halal food’ that would be served? If the ‘halal food’ is to be prepared by the same restaurant or caterer that also cooks pork in the same kitchen, will the food be really halal? Restaurants or caterers that also offer pork in their menu are not eligible to request for the ‘halal’ status from JAKIM as pork is a ‘najis mughallazah’.

How could the PKR Muslim leaders agree to the idea of selling ‘non-halal’ tables? Don’t they know that it is ‘haram’ to do so; or is ‘haram’ only applies to UMNO and BN?  Or do the Pakatan Rakyat’s non-Muslim leaders and members cannot eat ‘halal food’ hence ‘non-halal’ food must be served for them?

I am very sad and sorry for the Muslims who would be buying tables or attending the event. And as for the Pakatan Rakyat leaders, if they can do all these now, it would come as no surprise if they would dare to take worse actions against the Muslim Rights if they were to be able to ‘tawan Putrajaya’. May Allah help all of us and protect our beloved Malaysia from being ruined by those who are hungry for power and don’t really care about us, the majority peaceful loving Malaysian citizen.


5 thoughts on “Is Halal Food Too Unbearable For The PKR’s Non-Muslim Members?

  1. Dear Kaman,
    This shows that PKR does not care about Halal and Haram. Serving halal and non-halal food in the same place is okay for liberalist and pluralist. Maybe they want to promote these ideas to Malaysian.

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  3. Please take note that you, by neglecting the needs of non-muslims are equally as inconsiderate. This is why I chose to migrate because my fellow muslims in Malaysia are very sensitive over the smallest thing. Religious pluralism stands for the rights of every single person including the non muslims. For all you know, non halal could also mean no beef for the hindus. Why is it that we only consider our rights while neglecting the rights of our fellow hindus, buddhists and christians? And we wonder why a majority of countries are wary of Islam. Just to add, I am in no way a supporter of the opposition hence my comments are not politically biased. Thank you.

  4. Dear Sir,

    According to the Article 3 of The Federal Constitution of Malaysia, Islam is the religion of the federation. As Islam is the religion of the federation, haram and halal status is specifically for the Muslims.

    The situation is the same or even worst in foreign countries. In Malaysia we do not neglect the needs of the non-muslims. They are free to consume alcohol and eat haram foods like pork. They are free to operate non-halal restaurant and the Hindus can always have their own ‘halal’ food (meaning food with no beef) from Hindu restaurants. But in France restaurants serving Muslim’s halal food is considered against the rights of non-Muslims.

    To put food as halal or haram according to religious pluralism is totally out of the question. The words halal and haram are only used in the Quran. I don’t think the words halal and haram ever exists in the other holy books unless the holy book is translated and purposely use Muslim phrases or words to confuse people.

  5. You seemed quite mature for your age to discuss about politic. I found it awesome, keep it up! Just two cents from me, do read a lot of sources either from left side or right side (i hope you know what i mean). I’ve been your age and I know how it felt to know many things and I’m proud of your bravery to jot down your opinion in this blog. All the best in your life, you still have a long way to go, be wise. =)

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