Is Pakatan Rakyat Really Up To It?

Unlike my 9 year old little brother, I usually have no interest in politics but the latest events such as Bersih 3.0 had got me thinking about it. There are rumours that the next general election is going to take place in June. As the Barisan Nasional had been ruling Malaysia for 57 years, the opposition group, the Pakatan Rakyat condemned the Barisan Nasional for trying to ‘hang on power’. They accused the Barisan Nasional of cheating in the past general elections in order to secure their place to rule the country. But the question is, if the Pakatan Rakyat were to win in the coming general election, will they be capable of ruling the country better than the current government does and will they be able to carry out their duties as ‘clean’ and responsible leaders?

Let us look back at the Bersih 3.0 demonstration which happened on the 28th of April, 2012. After they ‘hijacked’ the whole event and turned it into a violent political plot, they failed to control the crowd of only 30,000 to 60,000 people; except if they meant the event to turn ugly so that they can tarnish the police force and the government as claimed by the Barisan Nasional leaders.

Please click here for photos of the ‘peaceful’ rally

It is very sad to see how the Pakatan Rakyat leaders; after making such fiery speeches during the event that roused the demonstrators to break the barricade at Dataran Merdeka, they then chose to leave their supporters (as soon as their supporters entered the forbidden line) to face the water cannon and the tear gas or whatever ‘brutal actions'(as they claimed) by the police in order to control the situation. As the leaders were there at that critical moment, it is their responsibilities to go to the front line to either lead the riot (if that is what they wanted) or to ‘calm down the heat’ and order them to disperse immediately (if they really wanted a peaceful rally) to protect the supporters from facing what they always claimed as police brutality.

By leaving the scene, the leaders failed to protect their supporters, including those who were naive enough to not foresee the danger ahead of such ‘peaceful’ demonstration. But sadly, their supporters failed to see how their leaders left them all alone as soon as the ‘war’ started. All the way from the first sign of trouble when they turned down the offer of holding the event in a stadium (where it is easier to control a large number of people) to the time when they brutally exposed their supporters to danger by not stopping them from breaking the barricades at Dataran Merdeka and later blaming the government and the police for the tragedy; we may be wondering if they will be better leaders of Malaysia compared to our current ministers. And by not wanting to accept any  responsibility of the damages done and injuries caused during the event, it raises question about their credibility.

Pakatan Rakyat are also fighting for press freedom but when Mr. Benji Lim tried to voice out his regret and angerduring the press conference the day after Bersih, he was forced out of the room. And the news on their so called ‘unbiased’ online newspapers  twisted stories of the incident and added their own bits of sugar and cream to present a better view of themselves. But didn’t they accused the main newspapers and media like TV3, Utusan Malaysia and News Straits Times of twisting stories and showing only half of what happened (the side that the government wanted to be seen)? And now, aren’t they doing the same thing?

I don’t really want to judge, but I doubt it if Pakatan Rakyat is as what their medias painted them to be. There were lots of questions, dissatisfaction and incidents among the members of a party in the Pakatan Rakyat during their party elections. If the opposition leaders claimed those who questioned about how clean the election were run as  sore loses, then it is just fair if the Barisan Nasional said the same thing when facing the same situation. But to avoid ourselves from the headaches and health problems due to the pressure of analysing such a ‘difficult’ situation; why not we just agree to ‘it is all the Barisan Nasional’s fault. What do you think?

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