Khalifah Dinner and Talk

On Saturday, 26th March, 2011, my family and I attended the Khalifah Dinner & Talk. The talk, titled ‘Do Your Best’, was given by Bro. Idris Tawfiq. Bro. Idris Tawfiq was a Roman Catholic priest before embracing Islam and had served the church for 20 years. In his speech, he told us that as muslims, we should not just look at the things going around us and hoped that someone would come and make things right. Instead, we should all lend our hands and do the best in whatever we do with the aim of making the world a better place to live in.

Bro. Idris Taufiq presenting his speech.

My family and I had the chance of meeting many of our old friends there. There were my friends (Khadijah and Syafiqah) and teachers from Khalifah Model School and my parent’s friends (Aunty Nor, Aunty Alini, etc… ). It was nice to see Aunty Zaharah and Uncle Radzif again and also their son Abdul Fattah, a good friend of mine who I haven’t met for years. Fattah was my classmate through the years I was in Adni. We were close then, not only that we compete with each other for the academic awards but also the one who I can count on in order to complete the notes that I missed during my absents. His younger sisters Umairah and Raudhah was also there.

During the event, I helped to sell books at our little booth. I had been taught ‘the art of retail business’ since I was 10. I helped to operate Khalifah and Muafakat (NGOs) stalls, helped at my grandmother’s bookshop and so on. But my best experience were during the ISNA conferences in the United States.

I had a great time but I miss meeting those wonderful people who I used to meet at Khalifah’s events like Aunty Mislaini, Aunty Atikah, Aunty Habibah, Uncle Nazri, Aunty Tim and some other dear friends of ours. And most of all, I am very sad because we cannot feel the ‘presence’ of the late Bro Muhammad at the event. I know that we should move forward but as what Uncle Awang Goneng always reminds us, we must never forget or bury our past because our past is as precious as our hope.


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