Stamp Fair


(From right to left:) Uncle Haji Mohamed Abdullah telling my brother, Ali and sister Anisah about the story behind one of the stamps while Aeshah, mum and I picked out the stamps we would like to buy.

On the 12th and 13th of March, 2011, the Philatelic Society of Malaysia organised a stamp fair at the Petaling Jaya Community Library. Stamp dealers from many parts of Malaysia came to sell postage stamps and other related goods. Apart from buying stamps, you can walk over to the center of the hall where some stamps were being displayed or submit your name to the counter in front of the entrance to join the lucky draw.


'Lifestyle of the Aboriginal People of Malaysia' First Day Cover

My family and I went to the stamp fair on both days. We bought lots of stamps from a wonderful gentleman, Uncle Haji Mohamed Abdullah from Penang. The best part of dealing with him is that he knows the history of the stamps he sells and he’ll be glad to tell you all about them. My little brother enjoyed walking from table to table looking at the different stamps sold. While waiting for the rest of us to choose our stamps, he went to see the exhibited stamps and joined the lucky draw. Alhamdulillah, he won a the ‘Lifestyle of the Aboriginal People of Malaysia’ First Day Cover and the ‘Aquatic Plants’ presentation pack. All of us tried our luck the next day, and this time my dad won a key chain while my younger sister, Aeshah won a mug.


'Aquatic Plants' presentation pack - front cover

I believe that going to a stamp fair is one of the best ways to meet other stamp collectors and to learn more about stamps. We can also buy those wonderful stamps to expand our collections as well as to look for a particular stamp that we need to complete its set. I hope that we would be able to go to the next stamp fair which would be held in June.


'Aquatic Plants' presentation pack - inside


'Aquatic Plants' presentation pack - back cover


5 thoughts on “Stamp Fair

  1. Dear Skye,

    It is fun. You should go to one someday. It’s a great way to expand your collection.
    Anyway, I was surprised when you told me that you collect stamps. It’s a dying hobby among nowadays youngsters, don’t you think? During my mum’s days, almost every schoolkid has a stamp collection. Now it seems like a rare hobby among children.

  2. Hi, my son is 10 years old and he joins the school scout activity in his school.
    One of the scout activity is to collect some stamps which have all the Agongs’ faces and all the Sultans’ faces.
    Can you tell me where can I get these stamps and any shop or stores in Petaling Jaya or KL selling these stamps?

    Looking forward to your reply.



    Victor Wan

  3. Dear Victor,

    Hi. Specific stamps may be harder to find than just any ordinary stamp. Perhaps you should try to go to Amcorp Mall. Their website stated that:

    “Located on Lower Ground level, this retail shop sells wide array of collectibles such as coins, currency notes, pictures and stamps. During the weekends, there are also several stalls in flea market selling antiques and collectible items.” (

    Quite a number of stamp collectors and dealers I met at the stamp fair had also recommended this place to buy stamps. I hope that you shall find the stamps that your son needs there.

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