Aliens in Sleman?

On the 23th of January, 2011, a farmer arrived at a paddy field in Sleman, Yogyakarta shocked to see a pattern ‘drawn’ onto the field. Hundreds of visitors flocked the little field to see the first crop circle ever documented in Indonesia. People from all over the world argued on the origins of the crop circle on the internet.

What may have caused this crop circle? (AP photo)

A crop circle is a large geometrical pattern ‘carved’ onto the field (usually by flattening crops) which most people believed to be caused by extraterrestrial beings. Some believed that the patterns were signs ‘written’ by aliens who are either trying to communicate with us or among them while others believed that the crop circles were caused by their spaceships (often called as UFOs) when they land on the crops thus pressing them down. Another smaller group believed that it was a result of some paranormal activity as what they had portrayed in the movie ‘Indiana Jones and The Crystal Skull’. Others think that the whole thing was man-made and tried to prove themselves by uploading videos on Youtube on how to make one.

How about you? What do you think might have caused the crop circle in Indonesia?