My 15th Birthday

On March 13, 2010 I turned 15! I just love birthdays, especially when it is mine… And as most of us opening the birthday presents and cards are the most interesting part.

I wrote down a list of presents that I would love to have but I kept it to myself and see if I shall receive any of them. Amazingly, 4 of my wishes came true, a sketch pad from my little sister Anisah, a set of coloured pens useful for writing notes from my popular little blogger brother Ahmad Ali, a set of Faber Castell gel pens from my little sister Aeshah and a bottle each of Herbal Essences: Hello Hydration shampoo and conditioner from everyone in my family.  Mum gave me a bar of goat’s milk soap. I could never understand why is the soap so expensive…

I guess the most wonderful present is another present from Ahmad Ali. He gave me 2 bags of marbles! Mom once gave me a congkak board but I could never use it since we do not have the marbles to play it with. ‘Congkak’ is a Malaysian traditional game rather similar to Mancala but our ‘congkak’ board which come in a shape of a boat has 14 small holes and 2 big ones.

Anyway, the best present is a keyboard from dad! Thank you, Abah. I really, really love it. Well, I’ve always hope to have a keyboard for years and finally I get one!

I wish to thank my parents and siblings for making my birthday a very special day for me and for all the wonderful presents…

Anyway I know that there’ll be more presents to come… Sometimes even in November when mom found something that I would love; she’ll buy it and say that it is another belated birthday present! At least it is better that way rather than keeping it aside for my next birthday but ended up forgetting where it is kept.

I bought something for my little brother’s birthday a few years ago and kept it in a very ‘safe’ place. Came his birthday I can’t remember where did I keep the present and ‘lost’ it for a few years. At last it was my little brother who found it a few years later!


11 thoughts on “My 15th Birthday

  1. Assalamualaikum Aiman,

    Dah besar ye?

    HAPPY 15TH Birthday and May Allah answer all your wishes and prayers.

    Yes, perhaps your dinner a little too early by my “standard”…hihihi… 6.30 pm is most appropriate. Anyway, you would be surprised to know some people have their dinner after Isha’ prayer. I wonder how they sleep with their tummies bloated up.

    Enjoy “waiting” for more birthday presents.


  2. Waalaikumussalam, Aunty Emy,

    I do know that in Terengganu some people eat after 10:00 p.m. Anyway, we wouldn’t want to do the clean-up that late at night. Thanks for the birthday wishes and do’a.

  3. Assalamualaikum Aiman,

    well well, happy 15th birthday.
    Anyway, I just thought of checking your blog after I was told that you had your own blog. You may not remember me, though I can expect that from anyone. I’m just someone who just met you 1 day and got curios, you homeschooling and all. At any rate, happy birthday again and good luck in your studies.


  4. Waalaikummussalam, Amir,

    Of course, I remember you. Thanks for being a good partner. I really enjoy myself in Aunty Zz’s lab. Thank you for wishing me ‘Happy Birthday’. You gave me an idea; maybe one day I’ll blog about my homeschooling experiences vs. my schooling days. Please visit my blog again. Salam to Aunty Su, your brother and Hadina.

  5. Happy Birthday Aiman. Wish I can send you a present. Surprise to know that we share the same number 13 and same first alphabet M. You March and I May.

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