Animals Love To Hear Quran – Video

As I promised all of you, here is the video of our performance (click here to read more) last month. The quality is not as good as the original video since my dad had to decrease the size of the file in order to upload it on YouTube. The video is also quite noisy because of the noise made by the inflatable tent blower which they used as the roof for the stage. If my dad uploads a better version of the performance, I’ll let all of you know. This video shows all four of us (Ahmad Ali, Anisah Afifah, Aeshah Adlina and I) singing the Animals Love To Hear Quran nasheed.

During the performance, we also sang the Khalifah Song and Alhamdulillah. I hope that you shall enjoy the video.


6 thoughts on “Animals Love To Hear Quran – Video

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  3. In a dairy farm in Muadzzam Shah the cows also love to hear Quran reciting…they are calmer and produce more milk. The owner plays the Quran reciting tape everyday.

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