This morning I had Butterscotch,

Such lovely buttery food,

When I heard noises from outside,

Which made me suddenly stood.

I heard a cry, a panic scream,

And a car which horn is sounding,

I quickly ran to my front door,

To see what on Earth is happening.

The first thing that I actually saw,

Was a taxi chasing something,

Then, I heard footsteps from behind,

And found dad quickly running.

We went out to check outside,

And saw a group was forming,

Dad went out and joined the group,

But I stayed back watching.

I starred quite shocked at the group below

Two houses far away,

I guessed there was some kind of criminals,

Trying to get away.

After  about ten minutes of waiting,

Dad returned with a solemn face,

Everyone ran to hear his news,

In such quite a haste.

Dad explained about our neighbour,

A young lady she is,

Who saw men on a motorcycle,

Looking quite suspicious.

She ran and hid inside her car,

All doors she quickly locked,

But the men she saw were daring,

And there they did not stopped.

They turned around, went to the car,

Smashing the side window,

They snatched her handbag and zoomed off,

With a taxi trying to follow.

So to my readers I advise,

To be really really careful,

For crime rates just keep rising,

Which I know is never helpful.


3 thoughts on “SNATCH THEFT!!!

  1. Sometimes I wonder
    What’s happening to our Malaysia?
    What happens to our peace-loving people?
    Where has humanity gone to?
    Why is it that some people love money more than human lives?
    Are we losing our sanity?
    Looking at how some people threw away babies like rubbish…
    How mat rempits killed people for nothing..
    How fathers, grandfathers, brothers involved in incest with their own flesh and blood…
    How easy people kill others just for not paying their debts…

    Sometimes I feel like becoming a vigilante…
    Doing clothe-lines move against snatch thieves…
    Punching an incest doer in the groin where it hurts most…
    Throwing a tight wire across a fleeing mat rempits beheading them…

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