Happy Mothers’ Day!!!

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Happy Mothers Day to mum, nenek and all the other mothers in the world…

Mother's Day cards and presents

These are the presents that my siblings and I had prepared for mum. We sorted them on the dining table.

The card that Aeshah gave mumThe card that I gave mum

Above, top: Mother’s Day card from Aeshah.

Above, bottom: Mother’s Day card from me.

Anisah's and Ali's Mother's Day card

Above: Mother’s day card from Anisah and Ali.

The Mother's Day present I gave mum

Above: The Mother’s Day present from me to mum.

* The photos was taken last night before going to bed.

Last night before going to bed, Aeshah, Anisah and I gather everyone’s presents and cards and gather them on the dining table. We sort them as nice as we could. It was fun. All of us gave mum a few cookie cutter each. We placed them in homemade birthday paperbags that I made myself. Mum loves cookie cutters and moulds for craftswork! I also gave mum a book entitled ‘Seni Lukisan Kain’ (The art of fabric painting)… again, because mum loves craftswork! I hope that mum would have a great and enjoyable mother’s day. I LOVE YOU, MAMA!!! šŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Happy Mothers’ Day!!!

  1. Dear Aiman Aimanai and the whole family!
    I once again visited your blog and found it very intersting.
    I appriciate, especially, the love, affection and care for each other among you three sisters – aiman, aesha and anisah.
    You are lucky to find such a good parents. I m saying this because, they have done a good character training of you – children.
    I also like the way you wish your lucky Mom to say happy mother’s day. The picture in which all cards are on table is very attractive.

    I have visited ayesha’s blog also and have read Global Warming, a nice essay. Thanks

    I wish to dedicate a happy mother’s day sms quote for especially your Mom, my Mom and to all other Moms in this world!

    “Who ran to help me when I fell,
    And would some pretty story tell,
    Or kiss the place to make it well?
    My Mother.”
    [Ann Taylor]

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