Quiz: Who is the Stowaway Passenger?

Our last trip to Terengganu was a very interesting one. One of the best part is the English program at SK Padang Hiliran. But there is another interesting incident… On the way to Terengganu (somewhere near the Gombak Toll), dad found somebody else on board! Can you guess WHO or WHAT is the unknown person or thing and WHERE is he/she hiding??? (Please send me your guesses via comment!)


19 thoughts on “Quiz: Who is the Stowaway Passenger?

  1. Well… lemme make a wild goose guess…
    A little cute kitten, hiding comfortably under Ahmad Ali’s seat…???

    couldn’t be a little parrot isn’t it?
    not a lamb definitely!

    kalu beto, Aiman kena belanja nasi dagang uncle wan Shukur lagiiiiiii… howk orang laing dowk sedak Aiman.

    (If it’s correct, you have to treat me at Nasi Dagang uncle… again. Other people’s ND, not as nice Aiman)

  2. only one time quiz it is dear?

    grasshopper? Butterfly? Diego? Laura? Mickey Mouse? Pink Panther? Tom & Jerry? hahahahha.

    ooooooooof… I can’t imagine what it is… just silly me trying to guess…

  3. Dear Aunty Emy,

    Now your being funny… hahahaha 😆
    No, it’s not a grasshopper nor a butterfly. Not as big as Diego or Laura… a bit too big!

    You can guess just as much as you want too.

  4. Dear Ali,

    Why did you tell? 😡 😥
    Anyway, I deleted your last sentence (which is the answer)… you almost spoiled the fun! Phew… 🙂
    It’s Ok… 💡 perhaps I shall have a better quiz next time which you can join too. 😀

  5. Dear Aunty Emy,

    Guess they just wanted to play 😆 . Anyway, it only traveled with us for about an hour or so… then it dropped of somewhere on the Karak Highway.

  6. Dear Kak Aiman,

    I think…….it is a COCKROACH!!
    I’m very afraid of cockroaches….
    BTW,am I right???????

  7. Dear Syaza,

    Me and Ali are afraid of cockroaches too 😮 . Anyway, it’s not a cockroach… if it is, everybody would scream and refuse to step into the car 😀

  8. Nope…. 😀

    Alright, I’ll give all of you a clue… It is a small animal… very small but not as small as ants… maybe as big as some medium sized butterflies…


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