Meeting The ‘Grandma Bloggers’


Tok Cu Bee (left), Aunty Emy (middle) and me enjoying our time together.

Guess what happened this morning? I met Aunty Emy and Tok Cu Bee! Yes, that’s right… seven bloggers (dad, Aeshah, Anisah, Ali, Aunty Emy a.k.a. Royaltlady, Tok Cu Bee a.k.a. Bebee and me) met at Shukur’s Nasi Dagang Stall. Not that we met coincidentally (like how Uncle Azahar met me) but we had planned this meeting the night before. There were also two non-bloggers at the unofficial bloggers meeting; mum and Uncle Syed Mohd Zaid who works as a MAS pilot.

Uncle Syed (left- beside dad) telling us a joke while eating his Nasi Dagang

Uncle Syed (left- beside dad) telling us a joke while eating his Nasi Dagang

Aunty Emy is actually our relative and so is Tok Cu Bee. Aunty Emy and Tok Cu Bee called themselves ‘Grandma Bloggers’ as they both are grandmothers. Tok Cu Bee told us that she was inspired by Awang Goneng to start her blog (La Vie En Rose) and so was Aunty Emy (Royaltlady). Aunty Emy started hers on her birthday in December 2007. By the way, Aunty Emy was Uncle Azahar’s classmate in year 6 many years ago. Uncle Azahar is another blogger friend of ours whose wonderful blog is Nature Lover.


As we enjoyed our breakfast, we talked about all sorts of things. Uncle Syed explained how did the FedEx plane crashed in Tokyo a few months ago. There was strong wind at the time the plane was landing and the wind was blowing from the sides of the plane. As the plane tried to land, it bounced back and one of the wings grazed against the runway before bursting into a fireball which killed both the pilot and the co-pilot.

At about eleven, we decided to break up after spending more than two hours at the stall. I really enjoyed the meeting and I hope that there will be more bloggers meetings; perhaps with even more bloggers to make it even more exciting. Aunty Emy, Tok Cu Bee and Uncle Syed were really wonderful and I am looking forward to see them again; as we say in Trengganuspeak, ‘Dok sabor doh nok ttemu mata lagi!’


11 thoughts on “Meeting The ‘Grandma Bloggers’

  1. Vundabar… (ye ke spelling nye?)

    It was indeed wonderful to … meet, chat, laugh and share all sorts this morning. BUT most all, its much more amazing to discover you and your wonderful family!!!!!!!

    More surprising was when Uncle Pilot appeared. He was a real look alike to YM Tg.Sulaiman (YM Tg.Kamaliah’s hubby). He was hilarious. A bit more than surprise was when he (of all the people) … went further and settled our bills.

    Amazing breakfast!

    Yes, I am sooo much looking forward to meeting all of you again.

    Do we get to claim our pictures from your blog, AA’s blog or via emails direct to our door step in cyber?

    Tok Chu Bee was only sent home tonight after sending my youngest daughter back to INTEC, Shah Alam. She really had a long journey to nasi dagang and back to Bkt.Damansara… it took her… more than 12 hours.

    Salam to all at home…gosh! This appears like another posting. We all have a lot to say, don’t we?

  2. Kak Emy,

    Correction: wunderbar for wonderful.

    Ich studiere Deutsch zwie semester im Amerika!
    (now I am not sure of it … dah berkarat)

    Thanks for the invitation – looking forward for another one.

  3. Salaam Aiman…
    Ditto what Aunty Emy said of yesterday morning! simply woderful to see your whole family and the good Captain.
    Bila teringat senyung temewek ssorang…

    Nasi dagang memang makang sekali dawk puah, kadang dawk buleh makang acak-acak, takut jadi gemok mmet’o. Better ask Mum to give the correct pronunciation for mmet’o!

    We definitely must meet again soon, may be at another Nasi Dagang place…? InsyaAllah.

  4. Dear Aunty Emy,

    Oh, yes… you can use our pictures for your posts. It was nice meeting you and I do agree on what you said about Uncle Syed. I do hope all of us could meet again one day!

  5. Dear Tok Cu Bee,

    I can understand only some parts of the Trengganuspeak. I’ll ask mum to translate the ‘un-understandable’ words for me first. Then I could re-reply your comment 😉

  6. KA,

    Ja! Wunderbar… have lost sense of the spelling…

    Wow..2 semesters studying Deutsch? Terror tuuuu…
    I just remember few words but not the spelling…

    Invitation? Was it appropriate to call that? tiba2 Syed yang settle???

    Anyway, what made this cyber visit more ticklish (tonight) is when AA did not even know he was meeting his great fan… AE! Sapa nok balik baru dia tahu? How did he know?

    Nasi dagang kak laing ikang dia kece’… dok puah makang. Tak pe, kita beli ikan Wan Syukur, sipang, pah tu bawok for our next venue… how do you fancy this suggestion? Hahahaha

  7. Dear Aunty Emy,

    How did he know? Well, he looked so lost when everybody was so happy. So I asked him if he knew who you are. He said no and I told him the truth. Back at home he blamed dad for not telling him but actually dad did tell him in the car. Unfortunately, no one realized that he was asleep at that time. 🙂

  8. Dear Aunty Emy,

    I wouldn’t say Wunderbar as I don’t even know the pronounciation but I’ll say Maravilloso… a much easier word ;).

    Could you guess what language is the word from?

  9. Dear Aunty Emy,

    How can you guess???

    I send Uncle Azahar an SMS asking him to join my family and I for lunch at Zainun’s Nasi Ayam the last time we came back from Terengganu… but he was in Putrajaya. 😦

  10. Of course I could.

    You are so closely related to Mexican food, Spanish words and I noticed them! hihihihihihi…

    “W” in Deutsch sounds like “V”..

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