Plaster Moulding

Everybody has his or her own way to pass their free time. Some of us enjoy gardening, photography or even hunting for FedEx vans, trucks and aeroplanes like my little brother, Ahmad Ali (refer to ‘FedEx – Ali’s blog’).

My favourite pastime is doing craft works. It has been my favourite hobby since I was a little girl and my best craft teacher is no other than my mother. So far I had tried glass painting, weaving, clay modeling, pottery, simple beading and so much more.

Recently we decided to do some ‘plaster moulding’. It is rather tricky and a bit messy. The measurement must be exact and so is the timing for if not you might have to throw away the whole thing. The result are beautiful especially after they have been painted and how I love to paint them!

We’ve moulded all sorts of items in different shapes and sizes… from fairies to princesses, seahorses and fishes, glittering mirrors to useful trinket boxes while enjoying each moment spent together with mum and Aeshah, my little sister. We also moulded fridge magnets in the shapes of fruits, cute little bears and some lovely sea creatures.

And how I enjoyed painting them … How wonderful it is to see how the white plasters turned ‘alive’ after being painted in beautiful shades of colours.plaster2plaster1


3 thoughts on “Plaster Moulding

  1. Dear Farez,

    I bought mine either at Metrojaya Bukit Bintang Plaza outlet or Toys’r’us. Carrefour Wangsa Maju used to sell them years ago. I once seen it in ToyCity when I went to Singapore a few years back but the price was double than the ones sold in Malaysia.

    The plaster moulding kit costs around RM20 to RM30 and it includes: plaster, mould, a paintbrush and a set of paint (2 or 6 colours but you could make more colours by mixing a little bit of this and that). They may be sold in other toy shops too but I’m not sure where.

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