Budu Explosion

Back in Terengganu Mum often heard stories about ‘budu explosions’, but she has never witnessed one. It has never even crossed her mind that her budu would explode. According to Uncle Azahar, (please refer to my little brother’s blog), the budu exploded because there will be gas production in the budu bottle due to the fermentation process. Too much gas produced will cause a sudden increase intra-container pressure and upon reaching a certain point it pushes the container cover and splosh it went!

So that was the scientific explanation of what had happened to that bottle of budu. And here is the funny story…

Mum was preparing lunch and I was helping her by cleaning the vegetables that was freshly harvested from our organic garden when I saw mum taking a bottle of budu. Mum told me that she would never serve her ‘ikang singgang’ without ‘budu’. I was talking to mum when suddenly she jumped and screamed in surprise; and accidently pushed my cleaned ‘ulam’ (Malaysian salad) back into the sink. It was partly my fault actually; for I was standing too close behind her. I was even more surprised when I saw the budu cap ‘shooting’ down from the ceiling. Everything happened so fast that I could not figured out what had actually happened until I saw tiny spots all around us.

The budu splashed everywhere… on the floor, clean utensils, mugs and plates and the walls. I guess there had never been a mess that bad in our house before. Even mum and I had budu splashes on our clothes and may be even between the strands of our hair. We were cleaning the floor, walls, stove and window when I spotted a big patch of budu on the ceiling. We were wondering how to clean the ceiling when my little brother came running into the kitchen. He suddenly stopped when he saw the big dirty patch and smelt the fishy budu smell. He looked around in surprised. He asked mum what had happened and what was that ‘thing’ doing on the ceiling. We told him what it was and he started asking us so many questions; and at last he said that he would be writing about the ‘explosion’ in his blog. And he did!

My two sisters were surprised when they were greeted by such a smell when they came home from school; and Aeshah said she wished that she could witness the explosion. I am very lucky to witness that ‘budu explosion’, something that rarely happen in our lives except if we keep boxes and boxes of ‘aged’ budu in our kitchen cabinet. It was such a great explosion for a bottle of budu; for the budu could have ‘shot’ up higher if not stopped by the ceiling. What an experience! Though it is not something that I   want to experience twice…

*Note: Please read my little brother, Ahmad Ali’s story about the budu explosion. (Please click here)


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