My Drawings…

I quite like drawing and sometimes draw during my pastime. Here are some of the pictures that I drew…

Picture 1: A drawing of a tree – 20th May 2006.

Picture 2: A drawing of a flower – 2nd April 2007.

Picture 3: A drawing of my little brother Ahmad Ali- 28th July 2008.

Picture 4: A drawing of a flower (supposed to be a water lily) – middle of the year 2006.

Picture 5: A drawing of my sister – around April to June 2008.


4 thoughts on “My Drawings…

  1. Excellent job!

    I still remember how happy Syazwan (my son when he was in Pre-kindergarten in US) was when Ms Jowanna (his teacher) wrote that on his drawing.

    He drew a tree with beautifully coloured leaves – yellow, orange, purple, red, brown and green.

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