Going Back To Terengganu (Balik Kampung)

Starting my own blog taught me lots of new things. For instance during our journey back to Kuala Terengganu, I was more alert to the surroundings – taking notes and photos for my blog. Normally I would just sleep, watching the VCDs or lost in my own world.

There are lots of beautiful old traditional houses by the main road in Kemaman. I took photos of them wondering how much longer they would be standing there. I guess one day those houses will be replaced by modern shop houses or other buildings considering their strategic locations. I can’t blame their owners for destroying our heritage for the old houses are of no commercial value compared to the modern buildings.

We passed some beautiful rivers and scenic beaches. Born and grew up in Kuala Lumpur, far away from the beach my siblings and I are always excited to see beaches. How I wish that we can stop by at those beautiful beaches…

‘Amlr’ mentioned about a Pasar Ramadhan in Geliga where one can buy ‘ttupak sutong’ (please refer to ‘Ttupak Sutong’). Passing Geliga, I tried to look for the location but failed to locate the Pasar Ramadhan. Maybe it is not located near the main roads to Kuala Terengganu or maybe we were there too early as we passed Geliga at about 1p.m.

Reaching the Petronas Complex, my little 5 years old blogging brother, Ahmad Ali excitedly searched for the fire at the refinery complex. He just love counting them and searching for the biggest fire. He too was searching for things to write in his blog (which he posted on 27th Sept, entittled ‘Things I saw on the way to Terengganu’). He kept telling us that he wish to own  a real camera or a real phone with a camera so that he can take lots of photos of the things he likes by himself.

I passed the ‘Keda Lepeng’ in Rusila – another place that sells ‘ttupak sutong’ according to ‘changgeh’ (please refer to ‘Ttupak Sutong – 1st comment). And yes, I can see the words ‘ttupak sutong’ written big and clear on their banner. The place looked empty. I guess they are still closed as most restaurants starts operating their business late in the afternoon during Ramadhan.

Breaking fast (iftar) in Kuala Terengganu is exciting. I waited for the sound of the ‘bedil’ (please refer to ‘Special Ramadhan Treats from Terengganu’) to mark the time for iftar. And finally I ate the delicious ‘ttupak pulok‘ with ‘samba daging’/serunding daging’ or beef floss for iftar today. How I missed the delicious ‘ttupak pulok’ (as I wrote in ‘Ttupak Pulok‘). Mum enjoyed her ‘ttupak pulok’ with ‘ayang golek’. And talking about ‘ayang golek’ reminds me of the old fashioned ‘ayang golek’ on sugar cane sticks (as mentioned by ‘Pok Cik Luckganu’ in ‘Special Ramadhan Treats from Terengganu’). How I wish I can try them…

Note: Where do they fire the bedil? I’ll be writing about it in my next post, Insya Allah.


9 thoughts on “Going Back To Terengganu (Balik Kampung)

  1. Salam…

    Welcome home! Since I left Terengganu seeking for fortune at Klang Valley…I always feel so excited when passing through big “pintu gerbang” at Kemaman wishing us “Selamat Datang Ke Terengganu”.

    Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin…

    1 Syawal 1429H

  2. Dear GreenMalay,
    Thank you. Yes,the sight of the ‘pintu gerbang’ made us excited too especially my little brother Ahmad Ali and my little sister Anisah Afifah who were already tired even before we reach Cherating. They would excitedly telling each other that ‘at last we are in Terengganu’ before starting to ask the never ending question of, ‘when are we going to reach nenek’s house?’
    Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. Maaf Zahir Batin.

  3. It was always fun balik kampung for hari raya. We have been doing that for years, well before we finally live in our own house.

    The recent hari raya was the second time that we did not balik kampung. It was not that we did not balik kampung, but it was just that we were already in our kampung..ha ha ha

    Hari raya was really fun, even for a man of my age.

    Siblings, relatives, friends and neighbours came visiting. My wife, daughters and sister-in-law were busy refilling containers with cookies and delicacies and washing dishes and glasses.

    It was tiring but still fun.

    Yesterday we visited my nephew in Neuro Science ward Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya. He was involved in a bad motor accident in Kuala Lipis and suffered a serious head injury 4 days before raya. He was still in bad shape. Could not recognise us eventhough his eyes were open.

    On the way home there was a massive traffic jam on the opposite way, from Temerloh to KL.

    We were lucky – the road was almost empty.

  4. Dear Uncle Azahar,
    Yes, balik kampung is always fun – like in the song, ‘Balik Kampung’; especially as we only balik kampung about twice a year since my mum’s parents and my dad’s mother are often in KL.
    I am very sad to learn about Uncle Azahar’s nephew’s condition. It must be real hard for his parents more over the accident happened only a few days before Raya.
    We were lucky too since our journeys to KT and KL were smooth, alhamdulillah.

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