Ttupak Pulok (ketupat pulut)

The tasty ttupak pulok

The tasty ttupak pulok

The other day mum asked if I want to eat rendang… Rendang reminds me of ttupak pulok and no ttupak pulok  tastes as good as the ones from Kuala Terengganu. Ttupak pulok is a type of glutinous rice delicacy, steamed with coconut milk and wrapped in a special leaf before it is fried to perfection.

I’ve tried the ones sold in KL but none can match the tasty ttupak pulok of Kuala Terengganu. As I always wrote in my blog, the Terengganu folks love to eat fish and we eat fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Well, we do not use fish to make ttupak pulok but we eat ttupak pulok with grilled fish. Ttupak pulok is also tasty when eaten with rending ( a spicy beef / chicken dish) or samba ayang or daging/serunding in standardspeak (chicken or beef floss – another meat recipe). In fact ‘ttupak pulok’ is even tasty on its own especially when eaten fresh from the wok.

To make ‘ttupak pulok’ we first steam the rice. Half way through, add the thick coconut milk and salt. Next, continue steaming the rice until cooked. Then comes the tricky part – to wrap the steamed glutinous rice in special leaves. Too bad I do not master the art of wrapping the ttupak pulok neither did mum nor nenek. If the wrapping process is not done properly, the ttupak will be too soft and maybe too oily after it is fried. The final step is the easiest – fry the wrapped ttupak in hot oil and the ttupak is ready to be served with grilled fish, rendang or ‘samba daging’. How I wish that I can have them… But it always took me much longer than mum to unwrap the ttupak! Not only do we need a lot of practise to enable us to wrap the ttupak pulok, but we also need to learn how to unwrap it before eating the tasty ttupak pulok. But once you try them….you won’t mind the hassle of unwrapping them.


6 thoughts on “Ttupak Pulok (ketupat pulut)

  1. aiman

    tasty tasty ttupak pulok
    when eaten from the wok
    jaga jaga ‘wok’
    kene minyok panah, terok

    ttupak pulok from manir is famous among kuala terengganu folks. during ramadhan you will find ttupak stalls dotting jalang telok menara

  2. Aiman,
    I tried making ketupat nasi one day, and guess what? it turned out to be looking like kkatowk gomowk!…gemowk mmetow…dahlah tu, dalang dok masok stabok.

    After that mistake, baru tahu nowk wak guane.

    AA junior must be beghebuk komputer ye, nak baca semua comments aunty.

    I have almost written bits and pieces in each of his post. May be ada yang missed…

    BUT I hope I have made him excited and happy.

  3. Dear Aunty Emy,

    Abah said to call you Aunty Emy. Hope you don’t mind.

    Kkatowk gomowk? New word for me. Have to ask mum for the meaning…My Trengganuspeak vocabulary is still very, very limited!
    Ahmad Ali was very, very excited to see and read the comments. I have to help him reading the Trengganuspeak words but even I need help to explain their meanings.

  4. Dear Pokcik luckganu,
    I like that poem especially now that I already understand the meaning of ‘wok’ in Trengganuspeak. Pokcik really made me puzzled when asking if my parents call me ‘wok’!

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