Ttupak Sutong

A few days ago, mum cooked a very delicious ‘ttupak sotong’  for iftar. ‘Ttuppak sutong or ‘ketupat sotong’ in standardspeak is squids stuffed with steamed glutinous rice in coconut milk curry sauce. The picture of the gleaming white squids floating in a white sea of  coconut milk is as appealing to the eyes as it is to the palate. And the delightful fragrant of the ‘ttupak sotong’ brewing on the stove really made me yearning to have a sip of that creamy white curry sauce right at that very moment.

yummy ttupak sutong

yummy ttupak sutongThis Terengganu specialty is normally a home cooked treat. In fact my family and I have never come across any eatery serving or selling ‘ttupak sotong’ each time we were back in Kuala Terengganu. But again I might be wrong for we do not live there. Anyway dad said that he used to buy ‘ttupak sotong’ during his schooling years. May be nowadays it is only a special home cooked treat.

Everyone in my family loves the ‘ttupak sotong’ except my dear sister Aeshah. Just imagine the delightful taste of tender squid stuffed with soft steamed glutinous rice in an aromatic, delicious and creamy coconut milk curry sauce… This is the taste that my 5 years old little (blogging) brother Ahmad Ali (refer to ‘Ahmad Ali’) would described as mmmmm… as he always did in his blog* when he wrote about the taste of the food that he loves.

To make ‘ttupak sotong’ we first need to buy a lot of fresh ‘sutong’ or squids of a medium size . Try to look for the ones with egg for a tastier ‘ttuppak sutong’ .Next, steam the glutinous rice with some coconut milk. While waiting for the glutinous rice to be cooked, clean the squids and take out the outer layer skin leaving them gleaming white. Then, stuff the squids with the steamed glutinous rice and secure the open end using toothpicks. In a big pot (if cooking a lot of ‘ttupak sutong’!), heat the coconut milk or low fat milk. Add sliced shallots, ginger and some fenugreek and continue cooking on a medium heat. Next add the stuffed squids. Do not overcook or the squids will end up too chewy. The curry sauce should has the right balance of salt, sugar and the creamy taste of either coconut milk or low fat milk. Actually this is the most tricky part as one has to be   very familiar with the taste of the original ‘ttupak sutong’ to enable them to get it right and be able to produce a really delicious ‘ttupak sutong’.

It would be nice if I can have my ‘ttupak sutong’ more often but mum will only cook ‘ttupak sutong’ if she can get squids heavy with eggs which is nenek’s (my grandma) important secret in cooking her finger licking good ‘ttuppak sutong’. Don’t worry if there are left overs- they taste as good after a few day in the refrigerator or store them in the freezer if they are to be eaten much later. The squids’ heads can be fried or cooked in other recipeas prefered.


12 thoughts on “Ttupak Sutong

  1. Aiman

    Ada sebuah kedai makan yang menyajikan ‘ttupak sutong’ sebagai menu kegemaran. Nama kedai tu ialah “Kedai Lempeng” letak didaerah Rusila; sebelum sampai Masjid Rusila sebelah kiri menghala ke Marang. Sebagaimana nama kedai tu, lempeng nyor pun ada dijual.

  2. Dear Changgeh,

    Thank you for the inforamation. Insya Allah, I’ll tell abah to drop by at the place if we have the time bila balik raya nanti. Since I live in KL and go home to Kuala Terengganu only once or twice a year, I must has missed the ‘Kedai Lempeng’. Furthermore we only pass Rusila on our way to or from KL. I wonder what else do they sell and is their ttupak sutong good?

    By the way, I’ve never tried lempeng before for mum does not ednjoy the ‘lepeng nyo’ that she ate when she was a little girl. So she never learn how to cook lempeng.

  3. Aiman,

    Everybody in my family except me loves ttupak sutong. My wife even cooked ttupak sutong when we were in the US, but of course the sutong over there was frozen squids. We enjoyed ttupak sutong nevertheless.

    Now whenever Syazwan, my son comes back home, he will pester his mom to prepare ttupak sutong.

  4. Dear Dr. Azahar,

    Mmm… ttupak sutong is really delicious. Seems like I’m not the only one who votes for ttupak sutong. Wonder what Aunty Royaltlady and Pokcik Luckganu has to say about ttupak sutong.

  5. Aiman,

    tengok saja je lah… nneleh air liur. nok makang dok reti nok buak!.. nok beli, mana ada jua beloh utara ni.

    the last time i had the chance to sink my teeth on ttupak sutong was in 2004 in setiu, a little different, ada masuk nnisang nyior, okey gok.

  6. Dear Pokcik Luckganu,

    Wish can share some with you. By the way i had ttupak sutong again a few days ago… sedaaaaap…. Ahmad Ali said “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”

    Mum said the version with nnisang nyor is normally from Kelantan. Taste sweeter and not the same than the one from Terengganu. Ttupak sutong Terengganu is much much tastier.

  7. Dear Amlr,

    We passed Geliga on our way to my nenek’s house in Kuala Terengganu from KL yesterday. We failed to locate the Pasar Ramadhan Geliga. Maybe it is not by the main road or maybe we were too early? We reached Geliga at about 1 p.m. Thought we can look for some ttupak sutong…

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