Malay Kueh In Ramadhan

I just love looking at Malay kueh (sweet and savoury Malay cakes) sold during Ramadhan. They are so colourful and seems more delicious when I am fasting.

Anyway we avoid buying those colourful kueh for the artificial colouring and flavouring used is bad for our health. In fact mum cooks everyday for we prefer to eat in during Ramadhan. It is tastier and healthier too.

Mum buys a lot of fruits for she loves them very much. And she prefers to serve fruits instead of sweet kueh. We also eat lots of dates for Rasulullah peace be upon him loved to eat dates and how I wish that we can have the zam-zam (water) everyday.

Watching what I eat is easier in KL but when we are back at nenek’s house in Kuala Terengganu during the last days of Ramadhan, things would be real hard for me. Every evening nenek would be buying all kinds of Terengganu kueh for my siblings and me. She always remembers the kueh that we love and even buys the ones that she thinks we may like! And who can say no to those delicios Traditional Terengganu kueh such as Akok, Nganang, Tok Aji Serebang, Pulok Lepa, Jale Mas, Lopak Tikang, blede, Kue Belimbing and lots more. So I’ll ended up consuming extra sugar, eggs and coconut milk. Alhamdulillah, I am lucky because I am not spending the whole Ramadhan eating the way I did in Terengganu. Anyway I must  try to control myself this Ramadhan.


2 thoughts on “Malay Kueh In Ramadhan

  1. Yeah..someone I knew very long ago told me about “kueh taik itek” and “jala emas”. Personally, I’ve not seen and eaten them. In M’sia you find people selling variety of “kueh mueh” and ‘lauk pauk” for “futor”. Fasting in KSA is far different from M’sia when you’re alone here without family.

  2. Dear May13,
    Jala emas is really delicious but I can’t remember ever seen or trying kueh taik itek even though I am familiar with the name. According to mum Jala emas is made from egg yolk while kueh taik itek is made from egg white and both are delicious.
    Fortunately I learn Arabic so I understand ‘futur’. Anyway I love the Saudian samosa/sembosak- their skin is tasty and I like their fillings too. Wish I can have them for ‘futur’ today.

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