A Trip to the National Zoo

Two days ago my family and I went to the ‘Zoo Negara’ or the National Zoo. We were so excited especially my little brother, Ahmad Ali and my little sister, Anisah Afifah as it was their first visit to the zoo.

We arrived there at about 9:40 a.m. and headed straight for the ticket counter. The tickets cost RM15 for adults and RM6 for children. As we were crossing the bridge near the main entrance we saw tall giraffes – my siblings and I screamed with excitement. We rushed there and were welcome by a flock of milky storks.  What an awesome sight it was to see the beautiful birds flocking all around the lake. Next we were welcomed by elephants, Pademelons kangaroos and ostriches.

At the bird aviary we saw birds of all sizes and colours. I just love the colourful ‘burung nuri’ or alouette in French and we started to sing our favourite song- Alouette. Next we saw deers, lions, tigers, buffaloes, camels and many more.  It was nice to see the orangutans clinging to the pillars while sleeping in their ‘tree house’. Anyway some parts of the zoo were closed for repairs.

At the Savannah Walk, we saw another group of giraffes eating their food, zebras, antelopes and rhinos. We also saw a gigantic turtle that could be around two hundred years old. Next, we saw mousedeers, goats and a tapir. At the end of the Savannah Walk is the bear complex. There are Brown Bears, Malaysian Sun Bears, Asiatic Black Bears and Sloth Bears. Most of them are sleeping. Now I know why Winnie The Pooh is so lazy!

On the way to the  Multi-Animal Show, we saw monkeys and lessers in big cages swinging from branch to branch, fishes and humboldt penguins.  The show started four minutes late and the performers were three colourful macaws and two sea lions.

After the show, we headed towards the Children’s World which is something like a Petting Zoo. Among others there are birds, ponies, scorpions, chickens and porcupines. At the reptile and amphibian house we saw snakes, crocodiles, frog, terrapins, turtle and tortoise. We saw leopards and pumas but there was no jaguar- my little brother Ahmad Ali wanted to see a baby jaguar as in his favourite TV show ‘Go Diego Go’. Before heading home mum bought us delicious creamy ice-cream; I guess ice-cream to zoo is just like pop-corn to movies.

We had a wonderful time at the zoo and learn a lot of things too. Anyway I feel very sad to see run down buildings in the zoo complex. The government is proud of KLIA, the Petronas Twin Towers, The Sepang Curcuit etc  but look at our National Zoo- what a shame. I hope our government will see  the importance of getting the zoo in good shape for it is a very educational place to visit especially for kids like me. Not everybody can afford to pay the entrance fees to places like the KLCC Aquaria and other expensive places to learn about animals so the government has to take actions towards saving and upgrading the National Zoo for it is one of a few affordable places for family outing in KL. Furthermore the place is so beautiful especially the grand old trees, the lake and the streams.


10 thoughts on “A Trip to the National Zoo

  1. Assalamualaikum Amani…

    I agree with you regarding the survival of our National Zoo…I went there twice this year to bring my little daughter Amaaneey and after that went again as a tourist guide to my brother and his family from Teranung….

    But, if you have the opportunity, visiting Johor Zoo will bring you another experience…so many animals there, but most of them are at their golden age I guess…pity them…and you know what? The entry fee is only RM3 per person for an adult.

    Happy Ramadhan Amani…lets conserve our environment!!!

    Green Malay

  2. Dear Green Malay,

    Ramadhan Mubarak. I haven’t been to Johor zoo but mum has been there when she was about my age. Talking about the animals in their golden age… I think so are the animals in the National Zoo. Wow! The entry fees are so cheep

  3. We should not complain too much for the entrance fee. It is our contribution to the maintaining of the zoo and may be the survival of certain species of animals.

    I agree with you when you said that some buildings in the zoo are dilapidated. The government as well as rich companies should contribute their earnings by helping the zoo to improve the facilities there.

    Still remember the time when we visited Atlanta zoo a couple of years back. In an empty snake cage there was a big mirror whereby you could see yourself standing in front of it. On top of the mirror there are these wordings: YOU ARE WATCHING THE MOST POISONOUS OF THEM ALL – HUMAN BEINGS!”

  4. As I wrote before I think the fee is affordable but not the entrance fee for KLCC Aquaria which is too high for Malaysian general public. Is it true that there are talks about relocating the zoo?
    I was laughing reading about the cage that you saw in the Atlanta Zoo-how true…which is why I am worry if they move the Zoo Negara. Just imagine what will happen to the beautiful grand trees.

  5. Hi Amani,Salam Ramadan to you & family,
    Bangkok Zoo/Safari is in Bangkok.I dont remember where its located.But it gives an awesome view and a sureal experience of the wild and tame.My family and i first went to watch the dolphin show which lasted for half an hour .It gave a truly entertaining show for the dolphins enjoyed themselves haha.We went for a short excursion to the river(man made small canal which is pretty safe).Through out the ride we encountered many animals such as croc,orang utan,snake slithering on big branch of tree just below you in replicas!lol.The boat ride some time took us in rough water otherwise you can feel spray of water splashed onto u.Our safari trip ended in the safari itself which is in a big land area.We have to be driven in a small bus caged up.So it looks like we are being caged instead of the wild hahah. From our mini bus we could see a couple of ziraffa,a forlon lion (lol) and tigers in close shot.They were actually oblivious to our presence though.But to us it was all different from our other zoo trips.

  6. Hey ,Bangkok Safari is really awesome especially for kids like you and siblings.They have many well kept wild and tame.ANimals are almost accessible to the public.The places are well packed with local and tourists.I would recommend your family & will try to coax (lol) your dad to go to BKK and visit this place.The market on the river is another attraction, have you seen sampans used to ferry local veges and fruits and transaction takes place on the sampan in the river (again this is man made small river which looks like a canal to me)I guess this place is made for tourists something different Thais to offer.Thailand is really a place to visit, every ten thais on the street they would be a couple of Mat Salleh.Foods of all kind is cheap.They even sell fried crickets and grasshoppers.The Thais are really polite and their hospitality and customer services are their utmost attraction for tourists.Oh dear looks like im promoting Thailand.haha.Catch with you soon, Aiman.

  7. Dear Aunty Rose,
    Aunty must has had a wonderful time in Bangkok. A few years ago dad’s Thai friend living in the USA made a stop in KL on their way back to Bangkok and coax us to join them. I wish that I can coax dad to visit Bangkok…Mum had visited Bangkok in her younger days. They drove all the way to Bangkok in three cars together with atuk’s close friend from Kelantan and his family- visiting many beautiful places along the way.
    Mum also visited the floating market. What mum love most about Bangkok are their food and fruits- atuk has a lot of Muslim friends over there.
    Thanks for sharing the experience!

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