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Dear visitors,

As you can see I have changed my header. My new header shows a landscape of the Batu Buruk Beach, a beautiful beach near my nenek’s house. The photo was taken in December during the monsoon season in the East Coast of West Malaysia. Each year the monsoon brings heavy rain, very strong wind and big waves as shown in photo. Anyway, because of the strong under current it is not advisable to swim at this beach.


6 thoughts on “My New Header

  1. beautiful photo. this is one of the spots i used to catch ‘ketang ragi’ during calmer weather in my younger days.did you know that this beach is not the original beach(sand)? in the 1980s the original beach was already eroded up to a few meters from the tree line so the authority pumped and piled sand from the sea to make a ‘new’ beach, from Tanjung right up to Kuala Ibai.

    the next time you visit this beach notice that the sand is more coarse than fine. the sand on the original beach is so fine that when sit down to eat, even a slow breeze will blow sand into your plate of food!

    if i’m not mistaken your nenek’s house is behind the sekolah ugama sultan zainal abidin?

  2. Dear luckganu,
    Thanks…guess the photo is more suitable for the header of my blog…’ade rase Teganung’. Asked mum about the ‘original beach’ and mum said that it was more beautiful and she remembers the almost white (in colour) fine sand too… wish that the old beach is still there.
    My nenek’s house is now in Taman Budaya near the Tepian Gelanggang, Bukit Besar.
    By the way, my little brother Ahmad Ali had just started his own blog so if you have some free time to spare, please visit his blog- and he just love to read comments! Please click here.

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