Delicious Pulok

I love ‘pulok’ or pulut (glutinous rice) and so do my siblings. Among my favourite pulok dishes are ‘pulok gao nyo‘, ‘ttupak sutong‘ and ‘pulok lepa‘.

Pulok gao nyo‘ is glutinous rice balls coated with shredded coconut. I like to eat my ‘pulok gao nyo‘ with ‘ikang panggang‘ (grilled fish). In my hometown Kulala Terengganu, ‘pulok gao nyo‘ is also served/sold with ‘ikang kering goreng‘ (fried salted fish). Anyway I like to eat my ‘pulok gao nyo‘ with ‘ikang panggang‘ especially with ‘ikang tegiri (tenggiri) panggang‘ for I don’t have to deal with fine fish bones. Even though (in Terengganu) ‘pulok gao nyo‘ is usually served for breakfast, mum normally serves it for lunch or dinner for we find it too heavy to be eaten as a breakfast!

Unlike ‘pulok gao nyo‘ which is easy to be prepared, preparing ‘ttupak sutong‘ is rather tedious. First mum has to clean the cuttlefish or squid. Then the glutinous rice has to be cooked with coconut milk. Next, the cooked glutinous rice has to be stuffed into the squids. This process looks really fun and I always wanted to try stuffing the squids… only that mum never let me try because if this is not done properly, the ‘pulok‘ will spill out when the squids are cooked in coconut milk. ‘Ttupak sutong‘ is very, very delicious and mum has to cook a lot of ‘ttupak sutong‘ because it is everybody’s favourite. Nenek (my grandmother) serves ‘ttupak sutong‘ for tea but we prefer to have them for either lunch or dinner (better still to have it for both).

Pulok lepa‘ is glutinous rice stuffed with a fish based filling called ‘iti‘ in Trengganuspeak (or inti in standard speak). It will then be wrapped in banana leaf and grilled. According to nenek the process of wrapping is very important to ensure that the ‘pulok lepa‘ will be nicely intact when unwrapped. If not, it will ‘rela‘ and I don’t think anybody would fancy eating a ‘pulok lepa hok rela‘. Since mum do not make ‘pulok lepa‘, we have to count on nenek to bring them from Kuala Terengganu. I like the ones with generous amounts of fillings or in Trengganuspeak we say ‘hok iti banyok‘. Mum said that she likes to eat them with black coffee or ‘kopi ‘o’ in Trengganuspeak.

There are lots of other tasty dishes using ‘pulok‘ in Terengganu cuisine such as ‘nasik kunyit‘, ‘nasik dagang‘,’ ttupak daung palah‘ and ‘lemang‘. Glutinous rice is also used in dessert such as ‘tok aji srebang‘, ‘asang gupa‘, ‘bronok‘ and ‘pulok duriang‘. Some people believe that eating too much ‘pulok‘ will make us lazy and sleepy but that do not stop me from enjoying my ‘pulok‘ dishes!

Note: Spelling ‘pulok‘ is very tricky.The ‘o’ in ‘pulok‘ should sounds like ‘o’ in ‘okay‘. If the ‘o’ in ‘pulok‘ sounds as the ‘o’ in ‘on’, ‘pulok‘ will means something else and got nothing to do with food at all. Confusing isn’t it? So if somebody says, ‘Pulok doh‘ with the ‘o’ in pulok sounds as the ‘o’ in ‘on’, he is not refering to food at all.


3 thoughts on “Delicious Pulok

  1. salam aiman,

    aiman ni llaki ke ppuang ?

    pok cik nok aiman mmkir 2 ayat bbawoh ni,

    1. makang pulok pulok…

    2. makang pulok, pulok…

    remember the ‘o’s as in ‘okay’ and ‘on’.

    yesterday i had kuoh singgangg buboh duriang, kerenyek lada burung, cicoh budu cappur duriang. you should try it, jilat jari.

  2. I too love ‘pulok gao nyo’. For it to be good and finger-licking, the following criteria must be met:

    1. Nyo must be nyo muda, freshly grated and sprinkled with just enough sugar and salt

    2. Roasted berah pulok must be sprinkled generously over the pulok gao nyo…barulah sedap

    3. For the ikang panggang – I prefer ikang tegiri, ikang krisi or ikang selayang

    Talking about pulok lepe…After coming home from SDAR I would always stop over a restaurant in front of Kemaman bus station to enjoy pulok lepe Tranung style…

    My experience with nasi dagang…there was a mak cik in Banggo (no more there now)..that we Sdarians from Kemaman used to go everytime the Mogah bus stopped at kemaman at about 4-5 in the morning…

    I don’t know why, but I just don’t like steamed cookies like tok aji serebang…

    Lepeng nyo is the other kue that I love…Nyo mude makes lepeng nyo better…

  3. Hi Amani,
    So much of that tasty yummy sweet of your hometown Trengganu.Kelantan and Trengganu alike never short of food as they are very creative in making ones tastebud goes dripping.From very simple Budu making to a more delicate making of roti jala,tai itik etc.Heres something for you to look out dip and now dunk.

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