Welcome back, Atuk!!!

Last Thursday Atuk (my grandfather; please refer to ‘a letter to Atuk‘) was discharged from Ampang Putri Specialist Hospital (APSH) after been warded for 6 days. Alhamdulillah; he is much healthier than he was in this past 3 months.

Now Atuk is able to eat normally and does not need his feeding tube anymore! And Nenek (my grandmother) ended up with cans of milk powder (for tube feeding) that she stocked up for Atuk! Nenek used to worry if atuk could not eat normally for the rest of his life. And what makes up happier is, he eats very, very well. Atuk loves spaghetti and that was the first thing that he asked for when that doctors said that he could eat. When mum cooked him spaghetti he really enjoyed it.

My Atuk is much stronger and happier now. The other day Atuk got out from his bed and told us that he wanted to jog. My auntie said no because he is still weak. Atuk nodded and smiled – I can sense that he is up to something. Atuk walked slowly and then went faster and ended up jogging. When my aunty tried to stop him, he started jumping! Then he gave us a big smile and walked back to his hospital bed to rest.

I’m so glad to see my ‘old Atuk‘ is back again. I prayed for this moment and Alhamdulillah Allah had answered my prayers. My Atuk is back! He even joked and teased us once again as he used to… Dearest Atuk, WELCOME BACK!!!

Note: Today mum cooked Atuk fettuccine and I’m sure that Atuk will enjoy them- Bon Appetit, Atuk!