A Sad Incident in Ampang

Last few months after having dinner at a restaurant near Ampang Point we were shocked to discover that somebody had smashed the windows of my aunty’s car.

Among the things stolen were my bag and (believe it or not) my sister’s school bag! My poor sister broke down to tears thinking about her school books and homeworks that she spent long hours to finish. We just can’t understand why on Earth did somebody wanted to steal a primary school child’s school bag? Or maybe the thief wanted to be more educated so that he can look for a better job…

I was so sad to lost my bag. It was a bag I received during the ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) Convention in Chicago, Illinois two years ago. There was only about RM 20.00 in my bag but I lost my diary, a file of ‘precious’ items and my favourite pencil case.

My diary means a great deal to me. I wrote about my travel experiences, things that I saw around me, and even some science and mathematics formulas. And my drawings, songs that I wrote … they mean everything to me. It makes me wonder what did the thief do with all of my things (except the RM20.00) – as those things were of no value to others. And I can’t help laughing thinking about what I kept in my pencil case. Well, it was a real big pencil case in which I kept lots and lots of broken pens, little pieces of broken erasers and little pencils (less than an inch long) that looked too cute to be thrown away. And also there lots of small pieces of papers that my mum calls junks (please refer to my previous posting ‘precious vs junk’)in my pencil case and my bag.

We found out that the thief also broke into another car nearby and took away a briefcase and a suitcase. Actually the incident happened at a private carpark outside the restaurant. It was well lighted and right by the busy main road.

Dad always warn us about snatch thief in the Ampang Point area. It seems that this problems are getting worse nowadays. It’s sad that all these are happening everyday when Kuala Lumpur was a very safe city just 10 years ago. I just wonder how things will be in another 10 years if we are not serious about putting a stop to all these negative behaviour.


2 thoughts on “A Sad Incident in Ampang

  1. Dear Aiman

    For a young girl, I must admit I’m quite impressed with your blog. Your childhood innocence is evident in your writings. I lived in Kuala Terengganu until I left the town in 1998. My childhood home was in Kampong Tiong (Kampong Banggol) in the late 60’s and early 70’s and I remembered the landlord was a Chinese Muslim whom my mother used to address him as ‘Ali Hui Hui’. He was stocky and he spoke Cantonese He used to personally collect the rental every month which was a princely sum of RM15-00 in those days. It was a wooden two storey building. Sometimes we were a few months in arrears but he was quite understanding. I believed he was related to the owner of Abdullah Al-Yunani Bookshop. I use to frequent the bookshop during my school days and it was manned by a tall and slim Chinese Muslim man. He would make known his displeasure each time I spent too much time browsing through the books. Well, that’s understandable.

    I studied at the Sultan Sulaiman Sec.School during the early 70’s and the Head Boy during my last year there was a certain Raja Kamarul Baharin.

  2. Dear Mr. Yong Chin Fook,

    Thank you for reading my blog and the words of encouragement. I’ve heard of ‘Pak Ali Yunang’ but I have to check with my great grandpa (a son of Abdullah Al Yunani) if he was Ali Hui Hui. By the way, my father knows Raja Kamarul Baharin (dad’s senior in SSSS) and Mr Yong Chin Fook left SSSS after form 5 or form 6?

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