My mother

My mother ‘s name is Asmahan Ahmad. She is a wonderful cook. One of my English teachers, Prof Muhammad Al-Mahdi, said that my mother cooks the best chili con carne outside Texas, second or third best in the world. He is an American who used to live in Texas and also the founder of Khalifah Institute. She can cook lots of kinds of food: spaghetti, soto, chicken rice, briyani rice, pasta and a lot more. I will say that she could be one of the best cook in the world.

She is also kind and always help my siblings and me with our school work. We scored good marks because of her. She always have interesting projects for me and my siblings. We did glass-paintings, craftworks and lots more. She is a really wonderful mother.


4 thoughts on “My mother

  1. Dear Aiman,
    Thank you for sharing the blog with me. When I first saw the blog, I loved the design and simplicity. The article you wrote about your mother shows how much you love her and how you see a mother’s role in her. I would like to hear about your father too, so I hope you will have an article on him too. Another idea is to put their pictures up.
    I will visit this blog and hope to see more and more stuff to read and see.
    Good Luck.

  2. Dear Uncle Mahboob,

    Thank you for your kind words. Please continue reading my blog.

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